Thursday, 25 September 2008

What did I get for Raya???

Eidul Fitri is approaching.. and there just left a few days in this month of Ramadan...well ..I'll be sad.. because need to wait another year where all of us can pray Tarawikh and eat moreh together... Yes..Ramadan is the most special month in Islamic Calander...but being an oversea student it just heart breaking to be away from your family and friends in this two is more heart breaking to recieve parcel and Raya cards from them.. ok stop yapping just look at the vid an pics...

~An Eidul Fitri card from PISMP and friends~

~Parcel received from home~

~Things that my mum and sisters sent to me~

~Last year Raya clothing~


kudabesi said...

saya la yg nama fadzli osman dlm video tu haha

terdedah identiti lak..

Alice said...


aku pon dpt parcel gak. :)

sedih la raya jauh2 :(

Anonymous said...

apesal smua orang dapat parcel besar kereta kebal ni? aduh..

dari org yg xdpt parcel,

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

1) Fadzli hahaha ko nie mmg ada2 jek lah btw thanks for the card :D

2) nk jugk bg tahu dia dpt parcel haahha yelah2 nad...

3) ibnulazim sbr ek xpe2 dpt kad jek pon xpe asal ikhlas :D

ikhwan said...

nak jugak T_T

Alice said...


siannye org2 yang xdpt parcel.


xpe2, bwk2 bersabar ye.


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