Monday, 15 September 2008


On Friday night, Ayunni and I were having a MALE conversation and suddenly I said, "Wei... Rindu lah car boot sale.. Dah lama tak pergi. Jom pergi esok nak?? Alaun pun dah masuk." and that night we decided to go to the car boot sale near the Plymouth Argyle Stadiumuh huh. So we went to the car boot sale happily the next morning (Saturday). But to our dismay it was not openedhuh... maybe it is because of the weather..but it just a little grey clouds... there was not even a single dark cloud in the sky that morning... At the end, we went to the city and went to Poundland. We just looking around for things that might caught our interest...but we end up not buying anything from Poundland. Next, we went to all the Continental Shops available in the city... and bought some stuff. We wrap up our day with a stop in ASDA as Ayunni want to buy some food stuff (me too).

The next morning (Sunday), I was really determine to go to a car boot salefire!. This time in Stone House and I went there alone because I do not want to disturb Ayunni. I waited for the bus in Derriford Hospital for a long time. When the bus came, I board in it . But when the bus move near the stadium I saw there were lots of cars in the parking lots. So my mind said, "Ni mesti ada car boot sale kat sini, baik aku turun je." Without realising it, I pressed the buzzer and board out from the bus near the stadium. Luckily, the car boot sale was opened...want to know what I bought from the car boot?? Just wait for the picture... Next ,after doing a scavenger hunt in the area, I went to the city again. This time I went to Sport World looking for some jeans and trousers...but it seemed hard for me to find the one that I I end up not buying any trousers at all, instead I bought two t-shirts ehheheheehhe. After the exhausting walk (mind you, I am fasting), I went straight back to Marjon.

Over here are few pictures on things that I bought last weekend.
  1. A few children books for my new niece (from car boot, if these are not for her I can use them while teaching or when I have to coach studens for story telling competition.. betul tak???).
  2. A second hand duvet cover and two pillow cases (printed with South Park characters...Ain't it colourful??? I like it cause it will add more colour to my dull room)
  3. Few clothing that I bought in Sport World and Car Boot Sale.

So I conclude my self that although shopping can be tiresome, but it can be fun... Just like what most girls always says, SHOPPING IS A THERAPY... but for me jangan lebih-lebih sudah...betul tak???


minimainimira said...

ya2 betul2..
jgn lebih2 nnt tadak elaun baru nak nangis..
suhaimi,cantiknya bedsheet!!

badrobot. said...

aaa..nk south park tuuuuu!