Saturday, 20 September 2008


You are alone and you are looking for ways to celebrate your lonely birthday. Don’t worry - consider these:


On your birthday, buy The Star, Utusan Malaysia, Tamil Nesan, NanYang Siang Pau, The New York Times, or any other major newspapers in the world. Cut all the dates and paste them in a photobook..or in my case I have to cut it from The Herald..local newspaper here in Plymouth.

(That should remind you that many publishers still know how to print your birth date in their newspapers.)


On your birthday, buy a slice of White Chocolate Macadamia Cake from Secret Recipe (owh how I do miss Secret Recipe so much) or a cheaper Blueberry Cheese Cake from King’s Confectionery or a simpler Kek Pisang from Kedai Runcit Ah Fook...again in my case I have to buy it from ASDA..kalau nak mahal sikit have to go to the City Centre and get it from Carrefour.

(That should remind you that many cake sellers are still having enough supplies of cakes in their fancy shops.)


On your birthday, Google your birth date and find any international celebrities who share the same birthday with you. You are darn lucky if you can find a match with Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckam or Saddam Hussein... I have done that.. among the famous people that I have googled only two that I know share their birthday with mine.. Michael Ballack and Maggie Cheung.

(That should remind you that many die-hard fans out there have always jotted down your birth date on their little diaries.)


On your birthday, go and buy a movie DVD at Speedy Video or any other secret pirated shops in susah cannot find any pirated cd in far as I know lah kan.... Don't worry just watch it online sudah... Choose the most inspiring and the saddest movie of all, or anything that has the worst tear-jerkers. Watch it at home in a dark sad room. Don’t forget the Premiere tissue.

(That should remind you that it is okay to be inspired by crying really hard if you want it to.)


On your birthday, find the most crowded place in town. It could be a naughty Petaling Street, a giant Bukit Jalil National Stadium when there is a football match, or a crazy bus station like Puduraya (Puduraya.. huh rindu pula nak balik kampung naik bas Mayangsari) Slowly position yourself among the noisiest and most aggressive crowd and see whether you are still alive.... Maybe City Centre again because that was the crowded place that I know here in Plymouth.

(That should remind you that the world is not coming to its Armageddon end.)

Good luck to all pathetic loners!

p.s. Happy 21st Birthday, Suhaimi... A birthday with a headache, a sore throat, a cold and a flu..what a way to celebrate a birthday? At the end I can't do all of the above.. because my body is not feeling so well ~sigh~

p.s.s. When I did this amendment I have already recover from my headache and cold.. only left with the flu and sore throat... Yesterday..was something for me.. Alhamdulillah.. I do have people to celebrate my birthday with...EmoticonTERIMA KASIH kepada keluarga ku... Mak..Along..Angah..Ayie..Etam..Emah..Eti..Adah..Ibah.. Thanks to Emoticon Apek, Warid, Bob, Paih, Nedd, Zhiezhie and Kak Syafwah Emoticon (sedap makanan semalam)... Thanks to Yan for the lovely jubah kuning... I like it so much... To Sue (our cleaner) thanks for the flowers.. it was all those people who dropped their birthday wishes in my friendster...THANKS A LOT...

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Anonymous said...

alahai...sedih nyer bunyi mie...

blissfulgirl said...

salam suhaimi...diana ni...apa khabar?selamat hari lahir yang ke 21...semoga Allah merahmati Suhaimi selalu...get well soon...:)

Arifah said...

Happy Birthday Suhaimi!!!

zatiMJ said...

bunyi sedih jer pakcek?
tu la ko. ari tu aku ym ko, ko diam jer.
aku nk kasik benda kat ko.
skrg aku da busy.
anyway hepi besday!

Anonymous said...

Dear Suhaimi,

I just noticed about this adapted version of my own merapus, haha. I can't believe that, at such a young age, you feel the same way like I did. But most importantly, there are actually living souls who share the same feeling like I do. Thanks for that (and how ironic that can be! haha).

Hey, thanks for finding my blog interesting. Happy days in Plymouth.

p.s I know this is too late, but it's never too late to be a kind well-wisher, huh? so, Happy 21st Birthday! :-)