Saturday, 9 January 2010

:: I'm Back ::

Assalamualaikum and hi to all,

Hey I'm back hehe currently in IPBA heheh or now known as IPG KBA huh long name... Btw it is nearly 1 month (20 days to be exact) since I came back from UK. There is only one word to describe it..... AWESOME!!!! ahhahah Yes it has been 20 days full of awesomeness minus the first 4 days because I have a fever huhuhuh~~ Meeting old friends.. catching up with each others.. see how my environments changed in two years (there are lots of changes man... I just need to keep up with every things)...

However, many unwanted things also happened and I just hope that it will subdue and things can be back to normal. Herm.. I think i don't want to ramble a lot of stuff in here.. just want to make a start for this year hehhe ok readers till we meet another time (hopefully it going to be soon) Ja~~ Naaa :D