Thursday, 31 July 2008

Recipe No. 4: Curry puff a.k.a Karipap (orang Johor panggil Epok-Epok)

Dear readers, hehhehe this week I am damn RAJIN cooking.. so today I managed to call my mum and ask her for the Curry puff recipe... Huhuhuh my mum was not feeling very well when I called her... A little bit worry... Mum...hope you can get over your cough after this.. Don't forget to take your medicine. Ok back to the story... actually this evening it was raining I and Ayunni was bored.. so we have a chat in his room... then we start to talk about food... About Basir great attempts to cook us Nasi Dagang yesterday... About our favourite food back in Malaysia.. About that it is now Durian season in Malaysia (wargh!!!!! no no no no!!! nak makan durian!!!) About what to cook for dinner tonight (well it is my turn today...and I managed to whip up something great.. Ikan Haddock Bakar, Bayam Masak Belacan, Telur Dadar and Nasi Putih hehhehe Great what??) Then I started to browse the internet looking at websites and blogs concerning bout food and recipe. There was one particular website that caught my interest because all the great pictures that the moderator put inside it huhuhuu then my eyes were stuck to pictures of Malaysian Kuih...and particularly curry then I called my mum and ask her the recipe... So here it is folks...

Curry puff.

The Filling.


5-7 potatoes (depending on the size..if it bigger use less)
2 tbspn of curry powder.
2 tbspn of blended dried chillies.
3-4 cloves of garlic finely chopped.
2 tbspon of blended onions.
Mince meat or even sardines, or tuna depends on what you like.
Salt to taste.
Oil for cooking.

  1. Cut the potatoes in small cubes and boil it for a while - until a little bit soft (My mum said to get rid the taste of "pahit" of the potatoes.
  2. Heat the oil - add the blended dried chillies fried it and wait until it fragrance (or pecah minyak that what I always do) - Add the garlic and onion.
  3. Add some water to the curry powder and fried it along with the other ingredients.
  4. Then you can add the meat, sardines or what so ever additional things that you like.
  5. Finally add the potatoes, mix it well and let the filling cool down for a while.

The Skin (Pastry).


500 gm of flour.
3/4 cup of hot melted butter.
A little warm water (add some salt).

  1. Add the melted butter into the flour and mix it well - Make sure that the melted butter is still hot.. really hot.. my mum said if not the skin will not by crispy when you fried the curry puff.
  2. When the flour is well mix with the butter add water bit by bit not to much at a time (You can feel the texture of the flour when it is ready).
  3. Then knead the pastry according to the size of the curry puff that you like.
I think the rest of the work you can figure it out, knead the pastry, put the filling inside and clip the side of the curry puff. Well for me it was easy because I bring along with me from Malaysia a curry puff mold hehhehehehhe nasib baiklah terfikir masa packing barang hari tuPhotobucket. Well there you have it folks.. try it you will be satisfied with all the work at the me.

p/s: This recipe can make about -/+ 20 curry puffs.. depending on the size that you make.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Why so serious??? Let me put a smile on that face!!! Hahahahhaha :o)

Ok.. it might be a little bit late but don't blame it on me... Blame it on the UK cinema industry... When the world had already savour the great imagination of Christopher Nolan on the 14th July we over here in UK have to wait until the 24th. Even Malaysia cinemas are much more faster than the one over here. Well the waiting was worth it... so here a small preview of the movie and..

Batman: The Dark Knight.

Well so how about the preview??? Hehhehe great right?? That just a small preview not the real one in cinema... with the big screen and big speakers you will be enjoying every bits of magic that Nolan had put in this movie. The length of the movie is 2 hours and 32 minutes but you wouldn't feel it. Every scene is full of suspense and you couldn't guess what's going to happen next. As Nedd said Christian Bale role as Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne was great but the late Heath Ledger who played the role of the Joker was superb. Overall I think the Joker is the one who make the story so interesting not Batman. Ledger managed to bring out the role of a highly dangerous psychopath who willing to do anything in order to get his work done. The Joker is damn scary...and all the things (killing, torturing etc) is still playing in my mind. A standing ovation for the late Ledger... again as Nedd said his death is not a waste at the end.. he managed to deliver the best of his talent.

What I would like to say is that this movie is awesome... It is worth it for you to finish up your assignment early (well I did it.. I finished my LA assignment really early just to make sure that I can catch the movie with Nedd, Apek, Bob and Jiejie) and worth to be watch a second time in the cinema (again I did it.. the second time was with Izzati, Hana, Mira, Fayadh and Hasnul).... All in all this movie deserves 4 and half stars hhehehe Cannot wait for another great movie like this... So anyone want to catch The Mummy???? If there are any tell me.. and we can go together!!! pleeasse

p/s: rindu lah plak nk tgok movie dgn bdk2 PISMP huhuh dulu Ja'are sllau ajak tgok movie hehhehe teringat masa tgok Transformers Dobok sampai tetido lg huhuhu apalah.. erm rindu gak nk tgok movie dgn Saqinah n Sarah.. miss u girls... erm nnt balik Malaysia kita tgok sama2 ek???hhehehehe

Recipe No. 3: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Topping. has been long since I post anything in here huhuhu well a little bit busy with assignment.. Language Awareness (LA) or we can just say Grammar + a small boost of Linguistic....huhuh well to explain grammar with the limit of 1,500 words you wouldn't know where to start no way. Alhamdulillah I got a help from Jiejie.. he is the one who lent me his previous LA assignment and I see the light at the end of the tunnel huhuh I see hope in my assignment (wah lebih-lebih pula nie hahahha). Well to make it short I managed to finish it up huhu.. Ok.. done with assignment lets talk about the tittle of this entry huhuu Yes Carrot Cake....Well this evening I make a carrot cake after Izzati and Nad ask for me to make one. Well I do make one but all the ingredients were bought by them huhuhuhu So here is the picture of the cake followed by the recipe.. hope you'll like it cheers!!!

Carrot Cake.


1 1/4 cups of peanut oil @ vegetable oil
4 eggs
120 gm of caster sugar
120 gm of brown sugar
100 gm of walnut mince roughly (or any nuts will do it)
1 cup or raisins

1 1/2 cup of grated carrot

250 gm of flour

1 tsp of baking soda

1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder (add the cinnamon powder and the baking soda into the flour)

1/2 tsp of salt

  1. Before starting, heat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius.
  2. Whisk the egg until it fluffy. Add the oil, caster and brown sugar. Continue whisking.
  3. Add the walnuts, raisins and carrots.
  4. Using spatula mix the the flour mixture in and lastly the salt. Do it slowly..jangan tumpah huhuhu
  5. When the mixture ready, put it in the baking mold let it rest for a while.
  6. Then bake in the oven - Heat: 180 degree Celcius. Time: 60 -50 minutes. To make sure the cake is well baked, use a bamboo screwer or fork and pierce the cake, if it come out clean then the cake is ready.
  7. Let it cool for a while and prepare the topping.

Cream Cheese Topping.


250 gm Cream Cheese
100 gm of butter

100 gm of icing sugar

A little bit of lemon juice (optional but it taste better)

  1. Add all the ingredients in a blender or mixer and MIX!!!!
  2. When the cake is already cool... spread all the topping on top of the cake.. let it drizzle down...lawa beb hehehhe
  3. Chill the cake for one night in the fridge.... Tadaa!! You have yourself a carrot cake for the whole house!!!!!
Actually I got this recipe from the net but I forgot where it is from huhu well credit to the one who post it earlier in the net....
For me I like to make the cake less sweeter because of health thingy huhuhuh so I just use 100 gm of brown sugar and 100 gm or caster sugar. Bak kata Kempen Kesihatan Malaysia: "Kurangkan Manis dalam Makanan, Tambahkan Manis dalam Senyuman" sebenarnya dalam minuman huhuuhhuhu... what ever lah kan??? hahahah

p/s: woit House 20.. so how was the cake??? and to others I can make you this cake but buy the ingredients ok??? Dah sengkek dah huhuhuhuh cannot simply give treats to others huhu

Monday, 21 July 2008

Profesionalisme guru terhakis?

I was browsing through Metro and found this... so read up fellow teachers wannabe erm bg komen sikit ek betul ke??? Profesionalisme guru terhakis?

"IBU bapa kita pernah bercerita betapa guru zaman 60-an dan 70-an begitu dihormati dan disanjung masyarakat.Karisma dan profesion mereka bukan sekadar di sekolah malah diangkat sebagai pemimpin setempat di kalangan masyarakat."

Ibu bapa yang menghantar anak-anak ke sekolah tidak pernah mempertikaikan hukuman dan didikan guru pada masa itu.

Cuma, ibu bapa berpesan, jika guru memukul atau merotan anak mereka, jangan sampai patah tangan atau patah riuk.

Bagaimanapun, lihat dilema guru hari ini. Kebanyakannya berpendidikan tinggi tetapi masyarakat kurang menghormati mereka.

Jika seorang pendidik memukul, merotan atau mendenda anak mereka, ibu bapa pasti bersemuka dengan guru terbabit dan menengking bagaimana boleh bertindak kasar.

Tidak cukup dengan itu, ada ibu bapa mengambil tindakan menyaman guru sehingga timbul konfl ik di antara ibu bapa dan guru.

Pelajar pula tidak takut dengan guru. Ada guru dipukul pelajar, kenderaan mereka dirosakkan atau tayar dipancitkan.

Justeru, di mana sanjungan dan penghormatan terhadap guru? Apakah guru kini sudah hilang taraf profesionalisme dan kebebasan mencorakkan hala tuju pendidikan kepada anak bangsa? Dekan Pusat Pengajian Ilmu Pendidikan Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Profesor Madya Dr Abdul Rashid Mohamed, mengakui senario masa kini memang berbeza berbanding zaman lampau tetapi menganggap kehadiran guru masih relevan dan dihormati.

Beliau berkata, perubahan dunia mengubah mentaliti dan pendirian ibu bapa terhadap pendidik kerana mereka mahukan yang terbaik untuk anak masing-masing.

“Melalui perubahan ini, ibu bapa yang dulunya memberi kepercayaan penuh kepada guru tanpa banyak soal kini sudah semakin bijak bertanya, memerhati dan menilai,” katanya.

Menurutnya, kebanyakan ibu bapa terpelajar dan tahu hak masing-masing.

“Bagaimanapun, itu bukan faktor ibu bapa memandang rendah golongan dan kerjaya guru, cuma mereka mahukan yang terbaik.

“Saya kurang bersetuju jika dikatakan ibu bapa sekarang sudah tidak hormat guru,” katanya.

Ditanya sama ada guru masa kini tidak berkualiti sehingga mencabar rasa hormat ibu bapa, beliau berkata, itu tidak benar kerana penilaian bersifat subjektif dan hanya mereka yang ‘bermasalah’ memberi dan mencetuskan tanggapan itu.

Menurutnya, ibu bapa dan guru ibarat aur dengan tebing kerana kedua-duanya saling memerlukan.

“Saya tidak tahu bagaimana wujud tanggapan guru masa kini dikatakan tidak berkualiti, tiada produktiviti malah semakin berani mencabar ibu bapa.

“Keadaan ini sangat merugikan kerana bakal mengundang rasa tidak puas hati kedua-dua pihak hingga menjejaskan kepentingan pelajar.

“Persengketaan di antara guru dan ibu bapa boleh menjejaskan proses pembelajaran,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, apabila wujud konfl ik, kedua-dua pihak perlu mencari jalan penyelesaian bagi mengelak menjadi bertambah buruk.

“Jangan ambil tindakan menyalah atau menyelar mana-mana pihak tanpa perbincangan.

“Ibu bapa terlalu memberi tanggungjawab yang besar kepada guru dan apabila berlaku sesuatu, mereka terus menunding jari kepada golongan itu padahal ia patut dibawa berbincang.

“Ibu bapa perlu faham, guru mempunyai banyak tanggungjawab.

Jika diasak bertubi-tubi dengan permintaan ‘bukanbukan’ pasti ia meninggalkan tekanan dan hilang kesabaran.

“Keadaan berbeza dengan ibu bapa zaman dahulu. Mereka memberi kebebasan kepada guru mencorakkan pendidikan anak mereka. Mereka tidak campur tangan,” katanya.

Justeru, apakah kebebasan guru semakin terhakis? Dr Abdul Rashid berkata, pelaksanaan undang-undang tidak bermakna kebebasan guru tersekat.

“Yang penting bagaimana guru boleh memberi komitmen tinggi pada tanggungjawab.

Contohnya, jika ada pelajar tidak boleh bergiat aktif dalam kokurikulum, adakah perlu dipaksa atau guru ambil pendekatan sendiri mengatasinya.

“Guru perlu menggunakan ilmu bagi mengawal situasi dengan tenang, bersikap terbuka dan profesional.

“Ibu bapa jika tidak berpuas hati dengan guru perlu menggunakan saluran betul seperti Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG), bukan menyerang membabi buta.

“Malangnya, ramai menganggap fungsi PIBG tidak penting sedangkan ia platform terbaik menemukan masyarakat dengan sekolah,” katanya.

Beliau berharap ibu bapa jangan lepas tangan dan mengharapkan guru menjaga semua keperluan serta kebajikan pelajar.

“Ibu bapa perlu memikul tanggungjawab lebih berat kerana mereka mendidik bukannya menternak anakanak,” katanya

So what's your opinion??

Taken from:

To My Late Father....

The only picture of my Dad that I have over here in Marjon.

This 17th July marked the 6 years since my dad left us. Gosh.. I nearly forget the date... Been busy with my own life until I forgot things that are really important (what kind of son I am).


Mak cakap, "Kalaulah ayah kau ada lagi mesti dia bangga dengan anak jantan dia seorang ni ...."
Emi cakap, "Ayah bangga ke dengan Emi ke ayah?????"
Masa arwah meninggal mak cakap, "Ayah kau dah ampunkan segala dosa kau nak..."
Emi cakap, "Ayah...Ayah ampunkan dosa-dosa Emi ke Ayah?"
Kak Long cakap, "Ayah paling sayang kau Emi... Sebab kau anak lelaki dia seorang..sebab tu bila jalan-jalan ke rumah saudara dia bawa kau.. anak kebangaan dia"
Emi cakap, "Ayah sayang Emi??? Habis kenapa asyik Emi je yang kena sebat??"
Sampai sekarang Emi tak tahu jawapan kepada soalan-soalan itu...

Masa ayah meninggal Emi terkejut sangat... Kenapa awal sangat?? Kenapa??
Kita orang tak sempat nak mengenali ayah...
Dalam umur yang lanjut pada masa itu... Ayah dah tak selalu marah-marah...
Kalau masa kecil-kecil dulu takut nak bersenda-gurau dan bermanja dengan ayah....
Tapi bila sudah besar sikit tak sempat nak bergurau-senda....
Emi tak pernah sempat nak cakap Emi sayang ayah...
Rasa rugi sangat...

Ingat lagi pagi yang penuh seksa itu...
Masa itu tengah belajar Matematik dengan Cikgu Rokimah...
Tengah buat latihan... tiba-tiba mata pensil patah....
Kak Jie datang ketuk bilik kelas...
Panggil datang ke pejabat asrama...
Kak Tam datang muka dia gelabah...
Mak Nab suruh balik dorm kemas dan ambil baju....
Tiba-tiba datang kakak jiran sebelah rumah...
Kata ada hal kena balik sekarang...
Kak Tam mula menagis... Emi pula tak tahu apa-apa...
Tengah dalam perjalanan balik Kak Tam tanya...."Kak...kenapa sebenarnya ni???"
Emi senyap sahaja...
Kakak tu cakap, "Sabar..sabar..sabar ye.... ayah.. ayah .. kena langgar..."
Aku terkedu... Kak Tam tambah sayu....
Sampai rumah je dah ramai orang...
Eti, Adah, Ibah baru sampai dari sekolah...
Adah dan Eti menagis... Ibah kecil lagi... dia tak faham apa-apa...
Tiba-tiba van ambulans berhenti depan rumah...
Mak turun... muka mak biasa sahaja tak nampak air mata pun...
Dari van aku nampak jenazah...
Mak cakap..."Kita mandikan..dan kapankan di rumah baru..."
Pergilah semua di rumah baru yang belum siap lagi...
Mak hulur kain dan air semangkuk..."Emi..Emi lap ye muka dan badan ayah..buang semua debu dan tanah..."
Emi pun lap muka ayah..lap badan ayah...masih tak menitik air mata Emi masa tu ayah...
Alhamdulillah... badan ayah tiada cacat-cela...
Habis bersihkan ayah.. Emi duduk sebelah ayah....
Tiba-tiba datang sebuah kereta...
Kak Emah menerpa masuk ke rumah...
Diringi cikgu sekolah dia....
Dia peluk mak...dia peluk adik-adik...dia menagis....
Mak masih tak menagis...dia cakap..."Sabar Emah...jangan siksa jenazah"
Datang pula sebuah teksi merah..keluar Kak Long dan Kak Ngah...
Mereka baru sampai dari Kuala Lumpur...
Mereka peluk mak...mereka peluk adik-adik.. mereka menagis...
Mak masih tak menagis...dia cakap..."Sabar Along..Angah...jangan siksa jenazah"
Masa nak mandikan jenazah...
Emi tengok je mereka angkat ayah...
Tok Imam pegang tangan Emi... Tarik Emi...Mandikan ayah...
Emi ambil air dengan gayung.... Emi siram ayah.... Dari kepala sampai ke kaki...
Emi sapu air pada muka ayah...
Salah seorang dari mereka cakap, "Alhamdulillah mudah nak mandikan arwah"
Lepas mandi Emi tengok ayah kena kapan...
Emi masih tak menagis lagi...
Tok Imam datang cakap pada mak, "Jah..dah lepas Zohor ni...Tak baik lambat kebumi."
Mak cakap, "Boleh tak tok..tunggu sekejap lagi... yang nombor tiga tak sampai lagi..dah nak sampai dah..kat airport JB..kita kebumi lepas Asar nanti??"
Mak masih tak menagis lagi.....
Lepas Asar Kak Yie belum sampai lagi...
Terpaksalah kebumi...
Sampai sahaja di tanah perkuburan...satu liang lahad dah menanti...
Perlahan-lahan ayah mereka turunkan...
Sedikit demi sedikit mereka kambus kembali....
Emi hanya mampu memerhati...
Emi masih tak menagis lagi...
Tok Imam pun membacakankan talkin...
Kami pun melangkah pergi...
Lepas maghrib Kak Yie sampai...
Dia peluk mak..dia peluk adik-adik...
Mak cakap, "Sabar Ayie...sabar...biarkan arwah pergi"
Mak masih tak menagis lagi...
Emi duduk seorang dalam bilik...
Emi ambil baju ayah.. Emi cium... Emi bau...Emi peluk...
Emi menagis....
Mak memang tak menagis...
Dia tabah.... kerana dia kami semua pun tabah....

Lepas ayah pergi banyak benda tak seperti dulu...
Takda orang nak pukul Emi lagi...
Takda orang nak marah Emi lagi...
Takda orang nak bawa Emi pergi solat jumaat dan solat raya sekali....
Takda orang nak bawa Emi pergi berjalan-jalan ke rumah saudara lagi...
Takda orang nak bangga Emi pergi "oversea"
Takda orang nak bangga dengan Along, Angah, Ayie dan Etam dihari graduasi...
Takda orang nak menjadi wali...

Hari tu Ayie kahwin dengan Abang Sham..
Emi yang jadi wali...
Rasa macam tak percaya...kan Emi muda lagi...
Masa kenduri Emi kena jaga depan...
Tunggu tetamu datang..
Salam mereka...
Saudara-mara semua cakap.."Alhamdulillah.. dah besar kau nak..macam arwah... Bolehlah ganti arwah"
Dalam hati Emi cakap.."Ayah..Emi tak macam ayah... Emi tak boleh ganti Ayah"

Kini Emi tahu jawapan kepada soalan-soalan tadi...
Ayah memang bangga dengan Emi...
Ayah dah ampunkan dosa-dosa Emi..
Ayah memang sayang kan Emi...
Kalau ayah masih hidup... satu sahaja yang Emi mahu cakap...

Al-Fatihah kepada Arwahyarham
Abdul Wahid Bin Tarkin.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Asal Usul Melayu

I read it in Berita Harian online, 19/7/08

Asal usul Melayu terus dikaji

Oleh Mohd Azis Ngah

TELITI memeriksa serpihan artifak.

Pulau Kalumpang dipercayai penempatan pertama manusia prasejarah

MENELUSURI asal usul keturunan Melayu di Nusantara amat menarik tetapi sehingga kini belum ada ketetapan muktamad kerana terlalu banyak teori dan hujah.

Merujuk kepada perlembagaan, orang Melayu adalah seorang Muslim, bertutur Bahasa Melayu dan mengamalkan adat istiadat Melayu. Ini bermakna sesiapa saja tanpa kira asal usul bangsanya boleh bergelar Melayu jika memiliki ciri-ciri di atas.

Namun, definisi Melayu di alam Melayu ditakrif sebagai mereka yang mendiami alam Melayu dan bertutur bahasa Austronesia/Melayu-Polinesia.

Pengkaji sejarah, ahli arkeologi, pakar bahasa sentiasa mencari bukti kukuh melalui pelbagai kajian sekali gus menyemarakkan usaha mengesan asal usul Melayu.

Wartawan Berita Minggu berpeluang mengikuti satu kajian lapangan oleh pakar arkeologi, Prof Datuk Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman yang kini mengkaji penemuan tapak arkeologi pra sejarah pertama di dunia yang dihuni manusia di kawasan bakau di Pulau Kalumpang, Perak.

DR NIK Hassan bersama kumpulan pengkaji melakukan kerja cari gali artifak di Pulau Kelumpang.

Memang banyak negara yang mempunyai kawasan bakau seperti India, Kemboja dan Afrika tetapi hanya di Malaysia dikesan mempunyai kesan peninggalan penempatan manusia prasejarah.

Kerja mencari gali dimulakan pada 1987 selama dua tahun dan dihentikan sebelum dimulakan semula sejak Mei lalu. Hasil kajian pertama, Prof Nik Hassan menemui 11 rangka manusia prasejarah dipercayai dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan di situ.

Manusia prasejarah itu dikatakan menanam mayat di bawah rumah mereka kerana pengkaji menemui tinggalan sisa makanan, tulang manusia, gigi yang dipercayai manusia yang hidup di abad kedua Sebelum Masihi hingga 10 Masihi.

"Kajian ini lebih menjurus kepada mengesan siapa yang sebenarnya tinggal di situ. Kami percaya penempatan ini didiami sekumpulan manusia keturunan Melayu yang hidup di pesisir pantai. Mungkin juga mereka keturunan India, Sumatera atau Orang Laut.

"Mereka lebih terbuka kepada hubungan luar berbanding Melayu yang tinggal di pedalaman. Bukti gigi dengan kesan makanan sirih dan pinang menguatkan hujah kemungkinan mereka orang Melayu dan penemuan serpihan tembikar, manik menunjukkan mereka berhubung dengan dunia luar," katanya.

Menariknya, Pulau Kalumpang yang jaraknya kira-kira 45 minit perjalanan menaiki bot dari jeti Kuala Gula, mempunyai tujuh kawasan penempatan yang mempunyai keluasan dua kilometer. Pulau itu juga mempunyai banyak pokok buluh yang sememangnya diakui tidak akan tumbuh di kawasan bakau.

Pokok buluh itu hidup subur dipercayai ditanam dengan tujuan pelbagai guna untuk membuat rumah, senjata dan alat menangkap ikan. Selain itu, penemuan kerang pelbagai jenis menunjukkan penduduk di situ sememangnya menjadikan hasil laut sebagai makanan utama.

Penduduk tempatan menggelar pulau itu sebagai Pulau Kota Kerang, ada yang memanggilnya Pulau Buluh.

"Berdasarkan penemuan di pelbagai peringkat lapisan tanah, jelas menunjukkan diet makanan mereka juga berubah mengikut zaman. Kami menemui tulang ikan, monyet, burung, kepala babi dan beruk, mereka makan apa saja tetapi pada masa itu, rasanya mereka tidak beragama.

"Persoalannya ialah bagaimana mereka hilang atau berpindah, kami tidak pasti dan sedang mengkaji," katanya.

Ketika ini, Prof Nik Hassan dan pasukannya sudah menemui 50 jenis kerang pelbagai saiz yang jelas membezakan perubahan makanan penduduk di situ. Cara hidup mereka boleh dinilai berdasarkan sisa makanan yang ditemui.

Apa yang pasti, pasukannya gigih menjalankan kajian sama ada penempatan di situ mempunyai kaitan langsung dengan orang Melayu yang tinggal berhampiran di Kuala Sepetang, Kuala Gula atau Kuala Kurau dan ia perlu dipastikan melalui ujian Asid Deoksiribonukleik (DNA).

Info: Tapak Arkeologi Pulau Kalumpang

Pulau Kelumpang

  • Mempunyai tujuh kawasan (Pulau Satu hingga Pulau Tujuh) seluas dua kilometer

  • Pulau Satu hingga Pulau Lima adalah kawasan utama kajian

  • Pulau Enam dan Pulau Tujuh terletak berdepan Pulau Selinsing

  • Tapak itu diwartakan sebagai Kawasan Hutan Bernilai Pemeliharaan Tinggi sebagai perkuburan prasejarah pada 15 Julai 2007.

  • Pemetaan dan sukatan geografi mula dijalankan di situ pada tahun 1988.

  • Taken from:

    Kasih Ayah Membawa Bahagia, Kasih Ibu Membawa ke BANG BANG BOOM....

    Okay before I start with anything... why don't you have a look at this video firstpleeasse

    Ain't it funny???? NO it is not..well I am surprised that they are willing to do such prank and I am little bit surprised that there is actually a mother (lebih-lebih lagi seorang ibu Melayu) who is willing to do those kind of things to her children... and the father also conspired alongno ..isk..isk.. but one thing for sure.... it make me remember all the wrong doings that I have done to my mum.

    Well being the only son in the family... I was a little bit naughty I think... but because my late father was a very strict person huhuh my naughtiness is under control... I still remember that he is the person who is very cool but when he gets angry with us (I mean Me and my siblings) there are lots of punishments that he have in mind. Kena ikat kat pokok kelapa (my sister kena), kena tambat macam kambing di pondok bas (again my sister), kena sebat dengan rotan, tali pinggang, etc..etc..etc.. (this most of our siblings experienced it), kena kurung dalam reban ayam malam-malam buta (I think I am the only person yang kena), kena tidur di luar rumah malam-malam (again only me)... well there are more but I just can't remember most of them or I do not want to remember?? huhuhu. But there is always this one person who always come to save us... my dear MUM... Well she was the one who opened the door in the middle of the night after my dad went to sleep and the one who save me from being strangle by a python in the middle of the night in the chicken coop (not that there was any but before I been sentenced for a night imprisonment in the chicken coop there a was a case where a python ate up our chickens and I can still remember the python that my dad managed to kill)... yes MAK...IBU...UMMI...MUM...MUMMY...AH MA... always there for me... But being a kid (not matured enough) I always do things that will make my mum SAKIT HATI with me....but she is always there for me....

    Erm okay back to the video... erm to all kanak-kanak out there don't be naughty and give your mum a big headache... or she will KENA kan you all just like the mother in the video.... Syukur Alhamdulillah during my naughty periods they don't have such thing like Bang Bang Boom...if not I will kena BANG BANG BOOM by my own mum hahahahhahahahha

    p/s: Actually still nakal a.k.a naughty.. but with a juice of matureness hahahhaha Okay mak Peace!!! peace

    Friday, 18 July 2008

    Berjalan-jalan Melihat Alam =)

    As I was watching countless series of Super Sentai this morning about (11.00 am something)... I heard familiar voices outside... so I took a peek from my window and saw Apek, Jiejie, Nedd and Bob... Apek screamed hello..."Wei kita orang nak pergi Crownhill nak ikut tak??!!"... So without thinking I grab a 20 pound note and my trusty camera (isk.. haven't exposed my camera yet!!!)...and followed them happily Photobucket...

    So we have a stroll over there enjoying the sunshine and I'm still clueless on where exactly we want to go.... Never mind I said.. Follow jek... Our first stop was McDonald...

    I was shockedPhotobucket... Luckily I bring along 20 pound..isk..isk.. I thought we just wanna have a walk...tapi singgah McD for lunch pula....

    As there were limited halal food in McD I just ordered the Medium Fillet-o-Fish set...for 3.59... I cannot say it was expensive or not... but what the heck... just eat it Suhaimi... So we ate our luch.. erm most of us take the same set... Just that Jiejie added the Cheezy Meltz...and Nedd just took fries and a drink.

    After eating we move again... I thought we will be heading back to Marjon... but we went to Crownhill Fort... as we were walking on a field to the fort Bob said that there were a sign that said "No Trespassing" and our imagination begin to took over... hehhe.. Apek said that we will be shot down at the head.. Nedd said if they shot me and I survived it, that will be an experience hahahahaha...but I was thinking about my assignment at that time hehehhehe sengal tak???

    When we reached the fort there is a sign that said that it was closed... so to confirm it Nedd and I went inside to ask people around... There we met this uncle... we asked him.. and he told us that the fort only open to the public on the first Tuesday of every months.. Isk..isk.. what a disappointment Photobucket... Then before we went back the uncle asked where we come from and Nedd told him that we are from Malaysia hehhehe to our surprised that uncle can speak Malay he said to us as we were leaving "Selamat tengahari" and "Selamat jalan"... He said that he always come and visit Malaysia..his son were born in Malaysia...and he regards Malaysia as a second home of his. Huhuhu at last we found a person who knows where is Malaysia.. usually we have to explain to them that Malaysia is between Thailand and Singapore.. the weird part is they know where is Thailand and Singapore..not Malaysia though what. Although we didn't managed to walk in the fort I took some picture so... here are some of it hehhehe...

    After being disappointed we start our journey back to Marjon.. erm..tapi singgah B&Q for a while. There wasn't much in B& just a DIY retail shop... But what took my interest the most was that there were some showroom where they have models of kitchens and toilets.. Make me remember the first time I went to IKEA in Damansara.... Nothing can beat that... After having our time in B&Q we went straight back home...

    Thursday, 17 July 2008

    I'm Bored

    Yes that it is.... I'm bored Photobucket..... It is summer holiday.. but i didn't plan anything just went to St Ives and Portsmouth... Well both turn up to be great but.... the holiday is long.... plus there is an assignment that we need to submit on the 25th... but I still having my sweet time doing it.. buat perlahan-perlahan...tapi terlalu perlahan sampai rasa menyampah pada diri sendiri Photobuckethuhuhu takpalah... nak buat macam mana... lagi tengah mencari kerja sekarang ni.. tapi macam susah jek nak dapat... entah lah malas nak pikir.. tp nak jugak buat duit sikit nak bawa balik Malaysia huhuhu isk.. what I'm doing right now?????? merepek meraban jek hahahhahahhah ok lah... nampak sangat malas sangat sekarang ni hahahahaha

    Monday, 14 July 2008

    Car Boot Sale = Money Gone

    Yesterday was Sunday and the weather was great (not like today...gloomy) the sun was bright and the cloud were white. I woke up early and decided to go for a scavenger hunt at the car boot sale in Stone House. At first I was thinking to go to the one in Homepark (near Plymouth Argyle FC Home Ground Stadium) but remembering that last time I went there with Ayunni the area was closed I have decided to land myself in Stone House. I waited for the bus in Derriford Hospital bus terminal feeling a little bit confused on which bus I should board on to go there. is it the 10B First Bus or the 24 City Bus what??? At the end I took the 34B First Bus huhuhu because it wrote on the front of the bus it will go to Stone House. The journey there was very long......and I almost fall asleep. To my surprise the bus stop near Home Park and I saw there were lots of cars parked at the stadium parking lotwow.

    When I got to the car boot site it is open and the first thing that I noticed when I entered the main entrance was this made in China, 1.5m height, aluminum, brand new tripod.

    I have been looking for a good tripod since I bought my new camera (well I haven't introduce to all of you to my new camera...need to do it later then). Of course you would like to take pictures but at the time you would like to be in it. The problem is that if you are the one who are taking the picture it will be impossible to be in it.. so there is a need for a tripod. I would like to buy one from is cheap in eBay but the problem is you can't see the tripod first before buying it. What you have is just a picture and a description and that was not enough for me. Back to how i find this lovely and cheap tripod. The person who was selling this tripod set his car at the front of the entrance gate (very strategic place indeed) and it caught my eyes as I was entering the car boot sale site. The price was 10 pound and I tried to bargain for a lesser price. But the owner wouldn't want to lower it. Seeing that the tripod is still brand new and the owner said that he never used it before I think.... "What the heck... just 10 pound.. better take it before other people took it..." and I did bought it. I was very happy that I bought this tripod emoticon.

    Then I start to move from one car to another, looking for things that might be interesting. That was when I stumble on to this lady who were selling lots of books and novels. Hehehhehe... I found a bunch of books by Sidney Sheldon YEAAAHHHHHH!!!Photobucket.... Just look at the stack of books that I managed to get.... The best part was that it only cost me 3 pound only.... Very cheap....

    Now I can indulge myself in the world of suspense, thrill, and drama created by Sidney.... Thanks to my friend (Aziem).. cause she is the one who introduced to me the world of Sidney.... After buying all the stuff and roaming the whole site... I concluded my day with a nice donut.... and went to the city to buy some groceries.

    The whole day was great... and it is true "ONE MAN'S RUBBISH IS ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE" (Hope this is correct huhuh)


    The night before Warid and Faiz embark on their journey exploring European countries (I don't know which countries they will be going... didn't ask both of them) I made some Satay... To be exact Chicken Satay... Actually it is for someone huuhuhuh uh huh... and it was long since I make Satay and Kuah Kacang... so here the recipe.....

    Satay Ayam


    Chicken or beef cut into small pieces (depends on how many you want to use but this recipe is for 1kg of meat)
    3 big red onion
    4 cloves of garlic
    1 inch of ginger
    1 inch of turmeric @ 1 tsp of the powdered one
    1 inch of galangal
    3 stick of lemon grass
    2 tsp of cumin
    2 tsp of black cumin
    1 tsp of salt
    Sugar (depends, for me I would like to add more sugar so that the meat will become sweeter)
    Oil for drizzling during cooking the Satay.


    1. Blend all the ingredients, except the oil.
    2. Marinate the meat for one night.
    3. "Cucuk" or screw the meat to the bamboo screwer (make sure that you soaked the bamboo screwer with water first).
    4. Then you barbecue it and drizzle some oil during the process of cooking it.

    Kuah Kacang (Peanut Gravy)


    Groundnuts blended roughly.
    4 red onions
    4 cloves of garlic
    1 inch of galangal
    5-6 sticks of lemon grass
    2 tbsp of blended dried chili
    1 small bowl of tamarind juice
    8-10 small pieces of Gula Melaka or Palm Sugar (brown sugar can be the substitute and if )
    Oil for cooking.

    1. Blend the onions, garlic, galangal, and lemon grass and then fried it until you can smell it (naik bau dia huhhuhuhhu )
    2. After a while add the blended dried chili and let it simmer for a while.
    3. Add the tamarind juice .
    4. Then the grounded nuts.
    5. Lastly, add the salt and the Palm Sugar to taste.
    p/s: If you like you can add mince meat in the kuah kacang. It is suitable if you going to eat it with some ketupat or nasi himpit.

    Sunday, 13 July 2008

    I'm Alone....

    Hello guys.. erm.. now it is 10.35 pm Saturday 12th July... and I'm alone here in House 38... The rest occupants of this house are currently in London, herm.. but no worry... I'm not alone huhuhuh I have my laptop here so what to do??? Just blog hheheheh...

    Actually... I just come back from Portsmouth... visiting Madam Fazlinah and her family... Well I don't have any spark of idea to write anything about Portsmouth... But I'm sure that I'll be writing something about Portsmouth. Still a bit tired from the journey from Portsmouth to Plymouth... Took the train back here... it was a safe journey back in Plymouth.

    Well.. the Student Village is awfully quiet this couple of days.. what do you expect??? It always seems to be this quiet.. but the fact that it is a summer holiday now making it much more quieter than before... Seems that I'm the only person here... some times the only sound that I can hear is the sound of me breathing.

    I really need to do something about this.. wouldn't want to be stuck in here for a long period of time.. well tomorrow if the weather permits... I would like to go to the car boot sale... I have to find a blender for the house as I had broke the one that we have before... It is kind of hard for us because without a good blender we cannot cook very well..herm..actually I think I'm the only one who were thinking about it huhuhuhu... Yelahkan..dah rosakkan kenalah bertanggungjawab... herm I think...I have already broken a few things in this house.. the blender...a plate...and the current one.. Ariff's digital camera huhuhhh herm??? Am I a bit clumsy or what???... Well better for me to be careful after this.. Don't want to break anything... If not I have to pay for it..or even use my money to find a replacement for it uhuh

    Monday, 7 July 2008

    So Near Yet So Far...

    Have you ever watch Wimbledon once???? I think you should..... I mean not all the games.. just watch the final.. better still the mens single final....being new in tennis I am just like a baby trying to talk for the first time umm. But I still think that I need to have a say in this year Wimbledon Mens Single Final.... This year final was an epic battle (that what they said in the news and in the TV while I was watching it live in the comfort of Mdm. Fazlina's home hehhehehhheheheh). Yes indeed it was... I am glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of it (walaupun hanya menonton dari kaca televisyen...still.. =) ).. This year mens single final is all about Rafael Nadal who did a superb job in defeating 5 times Wimbledon champion and World NO. 1 seed.... Roger Federer.

    Boy...what I have to say about this match.. Nadal is world No. 2, while Federer is world No. 1... so you would expect a world class game.. and both of them really delivered it to us... Nadal at the beginning of the match have already showed his determination to redeem himself for losing to Federer in 2007, 2006 and 2005 (for Wimbledon in the Grand Slam). His grunting, yelling and the serious look on his face during the match showed everything... But nothing can beat Federer fighting will. He was, at the beginning, seems to succumbed to Nadal's determination but thanks to the rain (the match was postponed twice) he managed to take himself back up and did a superb fight to bring Nadal to the fifth set... But at the end the best man wins... and the best man of the day was RAFAEL NADAL a 22 years old Spaniard.

    Every serves and strokes that both players did was full of power indeed... Those who watched in the stadium did proud of their money (I bet all the spectators did pay lots of pounds to be in the Center Court in Wimbledon) but I myself feel that watching it on the telly was good enough...

    Down here is an article that I took from the net...

    Bjorn Borg must be tiring of this. Last summer, the Swede watched from the front row of Centre Court's royal box as Roger Federer matched his modern record of five successive Wimbledon titles with a five-set victory over Rafael Nadal. A year on, Borg was once again on hand to witness the same combatants slug out another epic encounter. The result was different, but for the former champion the outcome was the same as the two best players on the planet rewrote tennis history once again.

    With his 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (3-7), 6-7 (8-10), 9-7 victory in what must surely rank as one of the most dramatic and compelling finals of all time, Nadal became the first man since Borg to win both Wimbledon and the French Open in the same year, a landmark that has stood since 1980. Yet that barely tells the story of an extraordinary, rain-interrupted match that saw Federer, the defending champion, relinquish his grip on the Challenge Cup only after a titanic struggle that stretched over four hours and 48 minutes.

    An hour and a half into what would prove to be the longest men's final in history, Federer was all but down and out, trailing by two sets despite having at one stage led 4-1 in the second. But the defending champion rallied magnificently following a third-set rain delay, clawing his way back into the match before saving two championship points in a fourth-set tiebreak that rekindled memories of the genre-defining Borg-McEnroe shoot-out of 1980.

    It set the scene for an unforgettable denouement in which the two players matched each other shot for shot until, finally - with the gloaming descending, and after a second rain delay - Nadal broke to go 8-7 ahead. At 40-30, the 22-year-old Spaniard held a third championship point, but could only watch in dismay as Federer conjured one final gesture of defiance in the form of an imperious cross-court backhand return. Undaunted, however, Nadal delivered a stinging serve to reach match point for a fourth time, and this time there was to be no reprieve for Federer, Nadal falling to the dew-laden turf as the realisation dawned that he was the new champion.

    "It's impossible to explain what I felt in that moment," said Nadal, who made a tearful ascent to the VIP box to celebrate with his family before making his way over to the royal box where he was congratulated by members of the Spanish royal family. "I'm very, very happy. It is a dream to play on this court, my favourite tournament, but I never imagined this."

    Nadal also spared a thought for Federer, whose defeat brought to an end a 65-match winning streak on grass. "I must congratulate Roger," he added. "He's still the No1, he's still the best, and he's won five times here. But now I have one, and that's very important to me."

    Appropriately, the tenor of a match laden with historical import – victory for Federer would have seen him equal William Renshaw's record of six consecutive titles – was reminiscent, in the first threes sets at least, of the 1981 final. Like Borg, who had the same landmark in his sights when he faced John McEnroe that year, Federer found his best form elusive, repeatedly squandering break points and amassing a host of unforced errors.

    "I tried everything," said Federer. "But Rafa's a deserving champion, he's the worst opponent on the best court. It's a pity I couldn't win it, but I'll be back next year."

    Taken from :