Thursday, 31 July 2008

Recipe No. 4: Curry puff a.k.a Karipap (orang Johor panggil Epok-Epok)

Dear readers, hehhehe this week I am damn RAJIN cooking.. so today I managed to call my mum and ask her for the Curry puff recipe... Huhuhuh my mum was not feeling very well when I called her... A little bit worry... Mum...hope you can get over your cough after this.. Don't forget to take your medicine. Ok back to the story... actually this evening it was raining I and Ayunni was bored.. so we have a chat in his room... then we start to talk about food... About Basir great attempts to cook us Nasi Dagang yesterday... About our favourite food back in Malaysia.. About that it is now Durian season in Malaysia (wargh!!!!! no no no no!!! nak makan durian!!!) About what to cook for dinner tonight (well it is my turn today...and I managed to whip up something great.. Ikan Haddock Bakar, Bayam Masak Belacan, Telur Dadar and Nasi Putih hehhehe Great what??) Then I started to browse the internet looking at websites and blogs concerning bout food and recipe. There was one particular website that caught my interest because all the great pictures that the moderator put inside it huhuhuu then my eyes were stuck to pictures of Malaysian Kuih...and particularly curry then I called my mum and ask her the recipe... So here it is folks...

Curry puff.

The Filling.


5-7 potatoes (depending on the size..if it bigger use less)
2 tbspn of curry powder.
2 tbspn of blended dried chillies.
3-4 cloves of garlic finely chopped.
2 tbspon of blended onions.
Mince meat or even sardines, or tuna depends on what you like.
Salt to taste.
Oil for cooking.

  1. Cut the potatoes in small cubes and boil it for a while - until a little bit soft (My mum said to get rid the taste of "pahit" of the potatoes.
  2. Heat the oil - add the blended dried chillies fried it and wait until it fragrance (or pecah minyak that what I always do) - Add the garlic and onion.
  3. Add some water to the curry powder and fried it along with the other ingredients.
  4. Then you can add the meat, sardines or what so ever additional things that you like.
  5. Finally add the potatoes, mix it well and let the filling cool down for a while.

The Skin (Pastry).


500 gm of flour.
3/4 cup of hot melted butter.
A little warm water (add some salt).

  1. Add the melted butter into the flour and mix it well - Make sure that the melted butter is still hot.. really hot.. my mum said if not the skin will not by crispy when you fried the curry puff.
  2. When the flour is well mix with the butter add water bit by bit not to much at a time (You can feel the texture of the flour when it is ready).
  3. Then knead the pastry according to the size of the curry puff that you like.
I think the rest of the work you can figure it out, knead the pastry, put the filling inside and clip the side of the curry puff. Well for me it was easy because I bring along with me from Malaysia a curry puff mold hehhehehehhe nasib baiklah terfikir masa packing barang hari tuPhotobucket. Well there you have it folks.. try it you will be satisfied with all the work at the me.

p/s: This recipe can make about -/+ 20 curry puffs.. depending on the size that you make.


minimainimira said...

hebat seyh..
aku mati2 ingt ko buat kelim tu sendiri..

pokjak said...

Waa mi ko pndai masak skang ek
nti masak utk ak gak ek heheheh
ak nk try roti jala tau..
btw mi aritu kiteorg kenduri sakan durian kt bilik.. anip n ja'a y sponsor hahahah
sdap seh.. pnas satu bdn mlm tu.

Alice said...

aku dh agak dh..mesti ko curik bw kelim tuh dr msia kan?

patutla cantek semacam..

lainla karipap kitorg..xpyh gune keli tipu, dh cantik..hehhe

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

mira2 aku mmg xpndia keli dlm famili aku yg perempuan jek pndai kelim dgn tgn huhuhu aku mmg xpndai.. ha'ah jat aku xde lah pndai sgt msk tp stakat msk siki2 boleh lah huhuhu herm mkn durian msti xingat kat aku.. huhuh jeles2 xpe2 sbr2 suhaimi... huhuh nad aku kan sntiasa berfikir kehadapn hahhaha

miza said...

aku mula2 amaze jer tgk hg bt.. sbb jdik elok jer kelim 2..

tp kan..
bila scroll down baca..
ceh! gna alat kelim 2 ker..

tp serius karipap ko cntik.. rndu aku kat karipap yg rupa mcm 2..hhooho!!

badrobot. said...

wah wah wah..
bile balik dr trips ni..
rase cm nk mkn karipap laa..
boleh kan sumi??hehehee..

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

huhuh ok lah cik Nedd kita tgok mcm mana nnt ek?? mana tahu kamu akan merasa jugak akhirnya uhuhuhuuh