Monday, 28 July 2008

Why so serious??? Let me put a smile on that face!!! Hahahahhaha :o)

Ok.. it might be a little bit late but don't blame it on me... Blame it on the UK cinema industry... When the world had already savour the great imagination of Christopher Nolan on the 14th July we over here in UK have to wait until the 24th. Even Malaysia cinemas are much more faster than the one over here. Well the waiting was worth it... so here a small preview of the movie and..

Batman: The Dark Knight.

Well so how about the preview??? Hehhehe great right?? That just a small preview not the real one in cinema... with the big screen and big speakers you will be enjoying every bits of magic that Nolan had put in this movie. The length of the movie is 2 hours and 32 minutes but you wouldn't feel it. Every scene is full of suspense and you couldn't guess what's going to happen next. As Nedd said Christian Bale role as Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne was great but the late Heath Ledger who played the role of the Joker was superb. Overall I think the Joker is the one who make the story so interesting not Batman. Ledger managed to bring out the role of a highly dangerous psychopath who willing to do anything in order to get his work done. The Joker is damn scary...and all the things (killing, torturing etc) is still playing in my mind. A standing ovation for the late Ledger... again as Nedd said his death is not a waste at the end.. he managed to deliver the best of his talent.

What I would like to say is that this movie is awesome... It is worth it for you to finish up your assignment early (well I did it.. I finished my LA assignment really early just to make sure that I can catch the movie with Nedd, Apek, Bob and Jiejie) and worth to be watch a second time in the cinema (again I did it.. the second time was with Izzati, Hana, Mira, Fayadh and Hasnul).... All in all this movie deserves 4 and half stars hhehehe Cannot wait for another great movie like this... So anyone want to catch The Mummy???? If there are any tell me.. and we can go together!!! pleeasse

p/s: rindu lah plak nk tgok movie dgn bdk2 PISMP huhuh dulu Ja'are sllau ajak tgok movie hehhehe teringat masa tgok Transformers Dobok sampai tetido lg huhuhu apalah.. erm rindu gak nk tgok movie dgn Saqinah n Sarah.. miss u girls... erm nnt balik Malaysia kita tgok sama2 ek???hhehehehe


minimainimira said...

i like this one tooo..
ledger was awesome!!!

kudabesi said...

ganas cite nih..

x sesuai dengan aku yang berjiwa lembut dan kasihkan binatang haha