Friday, 17 May 2013

Post-Teacher's Day Celebration: The Perks of Being a Teacher...

Assalamualaikum and dear blog,

Last Thursday (16th May 2013) was Teacher's Day in Malaysia...the whole nation celebrate us teacher... the same as my school.. alhamdulillah we managed to organise a humble celebration.. started at 8.15 with the usual things.. Perutusan KPM, Perutusan Pengarah Pelajaran Negeri...ucapan guru besar..nyanyian lagu Guru Malaysia yada..yada..yada... I think most of you know how things rolls during the Teacher's Day celebration at school. Then we have the performances by students and teachers....basically it is the same every year.

But what I want to share with you is the calls and SMSes that I received from former students of mine back in Kelantan.. Alhamdulillah they still remember me.. One of them called me from the public phone at her hostel (she managed to get a place in a good secondary school in Kuala Lipis)... she thanks me for everything and told that because of me she managed to score A in English and loving the subject even more... Alhamdulillah I have touched a soul during my short two years in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Another one give an SMS stating that I am still her favourite teacher hehehhe "kembang hidung" a bit lah.. But what ever it is these calls and SMSes reconcile my faith and interest in this teaching profession.. as I have stated in the previous post.. I am facing (and still) problems with the current students... I will work my ass out for them for sure...being a garang teacher or what it is for their own good..(it seems that being goody-goody teacher is not working and I have to be stern with them.. I am sorry kids..)

What ever it is I will work hard.. thanks Allah.. thanks everyone..

p/s: My status as  the least favourite teacher is confirmed with only 2 teacher's day present received from the kids.. hahahah It hurts a bit inside meh.. :(