Saturday, 30 August 2008


Tanggal 31... bulan 8... lima puluh tujuh.....

Those are some of the lyrics from a popular Merdeka song by the late Sudirman... A very old song indeed but full of meanings. is part of the year again... where we Malaysian celebrate our independent day. This year is the 51st years of independent for Malaysia. For a country I think that age can be considered as old already... but I think we are still young and there are lots of things that we should learn. Below is this year Merdeka Advertisment from Petronas. Petronas has been very creative in creating great ads not only for Merdeka, but for most of Malaysian Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali ect.. ect.. huhu.. so dear readers have a look on the video first ok....

The moral of the video huhuhu you can read it at the end of the vid right. So there is no need for me to explain it.

This couple of years Malaysia have been facing rough situation politically and economically. Lots of unwanted things happens... With the oil price being unstable (although we are oil producing country), not enough of food supply and the price of food keep booming up... political rivalry of the BIG people of the nation... Seriously, I just want to be a common citizen of the nation living peacefully and happily but theses kind of tribulation we the RAKYAT a.k.a citizen have to face making it hard for me to achieve that kind of life. I miss all the good old times where life have been great for the people. Everything were great during that time. Never have to thinks of such problems.

Ok.. lets return to this year Merdeka. This year the logo is the one on the top of this entry... This year the theme is "Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan" (Unity is the Core of Succes). What a brilliant theme indeed. But the song is still the same. Just like the old one, marching like songs... I think some time there is a need for them to change the genre... the singer is Roy.. he been singing a lot of patriotic songs in Malaysia... kind a boring for me if most of the time the same singer sing the song... Make it more spicy...I would like to suggest. Make a different ...make it appealing to the modern crowd. Change the singer, change the genre. We have lots of talents, composers, song writers, singers... I think most of them are willing to do it for free if it for the nation Photobucket. For example the song Here In My Malaysian artists (you can watch it at the side colum)... Fresh, New, Vibrant, Appealing, Modern, Fun.... that is how a Merdeka song should be like... of course not in English.. in Malay lah kan... But that is only my opinion ok hahhha

Friday, 29 August 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008: How About Malaysia?

Ok.. I know that it is a little bit late.. But.. what the heck.. it's my blog ahhahah... Now let go back to the topic... Olympic in Beijing.. How did Malaysian athletes performed?

Well after two very disappointing Olympic in Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004) this year in Beijing, Malaysia managed to put herself in the medal tallyPhotobucket. Yes, with just ONE silver we manage to be among the countries that bagged medals. For a small and not a sport power country.. that achievement is already can be considered as great. Why?? I'm not saying that Malaysia cannot do better than that. But, looking upon our athletes performing in the world stage this kind of achievement have made us proud (or better to say ME). Most of Malaysian athletes actually have great potentials... but when they meet the other challengers from other countries they become LAYU a little bit and cannot deliver their best performance. Sorry to say it, but it is true. Just look at our men trio archery team... number four in the world but they cannot even place themselves in top 4 during the archery event in Beijing... well there are a lot of examples but I just don't want to say it (don't let me start with our badminton men doubles).

What ever it was, I am really proud of our achievement in this year Olympic. Thanks to Lee Chong Wei and his coach Misbun Sidek (herm by now I should call them Dato' huhuhuu) we have make an appearance to the world. I think the government have rewarded them handsomely (Yelahkan.. with the RINGGITS and Dato' what can we ask for more??). KUDOS to both of them and a BIG THANKS to Misbun for his contribution. He also have to left his sick wife back at home for his job as a coach. May Allah bless his wife.

Okay.. now to sum all of it.. Malaysia had done her best in this year Olympic, but there are a lot of improvement that we can do.

p/s: Again I'm not a die hard fan of sport but I just want to share my thought. Peace Photobucket

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Hey!!! I'm Back!!!

Huhuhuu.. Yes Language Awareness test is over so it is official that we B.Ed Tesl Cohort 4 students are on holiday mode huhuhu.... and I will have all the time in the world to pour my mind in this blog hehhe ok then can't wait to type lots of things.. yes... and that will depends on how RAJIN I am hahaha haha

Monday, 25 August 2008

Crunch Time!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone... well it has been long since I type any post over here.. huhuhuhu well I'm currently busy preparing for my Language Awareness test this Wednesday... Actually there are lots of things that I want to type down... like Olympic, Merdeka and Ramadhan... huhu well have to wait-lah nanti.. wait until the test finished..huhuh Okay.... well my friends pray for my success in this up-coming test... I will try my best huhu ok peace...

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tagged?? Pe kejadah tu???

Ok this one I have to use Malay Language..huhu..because it is just for funpeace....

"Zati MJ: emy ko kn tagg ngn aku

Suhaimi Abd Wahid: wei pe? xphm.. sorry...ak xde td

Zati MJ: dlm blog la ...ahaha

Suhaimi Abd Wahid: erm still xphm... huhu

Zati MJ: ko bc je blog... ala men tag2 tu

Suhaimi Abd Wahid: blog sapa?

Zati MJ: aku... yg tjk die i've been tagged"

(Dalam hati..) Tagged?? Apalah mak cik ni merepekPhotobucket?? -Membuka blog Izzati- Tagged..erm macam buang masa..macam menarik herm???????

OK lah nie lah tagged.. sebenarnya saja main-main... tapi menarik jugak lah hahhahha..

Kali pertama naik kapal terbang...

Kali pertama naik kapal terbang.... 9 Februari 2008... Penerbangan MAS - MH002...Dari KLIA ke Heatrow, London... hehhe..sebenarnya jakun lah juga masa tu... dan sedikit tak best pengalaman flight ni... sebab duduk dekat dengan seorang pak cik mabuk ni.. isk.. ni lah first time juga berdepan dengan orang mabuk sepanjang dalam hidup dan kalau boleh dah tak nak dah jumpa orang mabuk ni... perangai menakutkan... merepek ape kebenda entah... lepas tu ganggu orang lain.. tendang-tendang kerusi... takut wooo.... huhuhu tapi best jugaklah... makanan kapal terbang ok jek.. mak masak lagi sedap hahahah tapi pramugari dan pramugara semua baik... semua benda nak boleh dapat hahhaa... Paling best curi selimut MAS yang warna unggu tu hahahahhaha Patrick nak curi tapi kantoi huhuhuhu kesian dia.. aku jugak yang pandai hahahha Apa-apa pun terima kasih kepada Kerajaan Malaysia... hhehe sebab dengan biasiswa kerajaan Malaysia lah dapat naik kapal terbang ni ahhaha.....

Kali pertama ke oversea...

Kalau tak rasmi Pulau Pinang hahahha betul apa?? Over the sea?? hehehhe masa tu saja jalan-jalan jumpa kawan kat USM hehhehe...Kalau yang rasmi pulak.... Herm mudah jek... United Kingdom ni lah hahha nak g sendiri oversea ni takda duit lah huhu bukan orang kaya.. sederhana je hhehehe Alhamdulillah lah dapat peluang ni.... sebenarnya masa zaman sekolah dulu tak sangka pun akan pergi belajar oversea ni...yang tahu orang pandai-pandai ni je pergi oversea... masa apply TESL pon tak tahu apply TESL BPG Oversea Twinning Program... masa tu sebab nak amek TESL je.. ada dapat TESL MARA.. twinning juga tapi tak nak huhuhu nak BPG entah tak tahu kenapa hahha sebab MARA takda pencen kot (entah betul ke tak ni)?? hahaha Tapi syukur sebab pilih yang BPG punya sebab best.. jumpa ramai kawan-kawan kat IPBA...yeah

Kali pertama duduk berjauhan dengan keluarga...

Masa form 1... masuk asrama.. macam dah jadi satu tradisi adik-beradik semua masuk asrama kecuali yang bongsu... huhu takpalah dia teman mak kat rumah kesian mak keseorangan.. anak-anak semua dah besar duduk jauh-jauh... Yang best nye sebab kami adik-beradik dari sulung sampai lah yang nombor dua terakhir semua pernah duduk kat asrama yang sama (kecuali Emah and Eti.. Emah pandai dia masuk SAKTI dan Eti pula dia masuk Teknik Azizah)... heheh sampai warden kenal dah adik-beradik SUE hahahahah.. Legasi beb semua orang kenal uhuu popular masa tue anak Wahid kat Asrama SMK Dato' Penggawa Barat... huhuhuu herm kalau lah dapat duduk asrama balik best nyer.. rindu pulak kat kawan-kawan asrama.. Sean, Maga, Jepon, Abul, Ijad, Skema..hahha gila-gila dulu perangai kat asrama huhu ingat lagi huhuhu...

Ingin melancong ke...

Banyak juga tempat nak pergi melancong sebenarnya tapi yang paling utama adalah nak berjalan ke semua negeri di seluruh Malaysia... Negeri yang belum jejak kaki lagi... Perlis, Kedah, Sabah, Serawak dan Labuan... Negeri nak jejak kaki lagi.. Kelantan and Terengganu sebab syok sangat pergi negeri Pantai Timur ni huhu.. budaya lain daripada yang lain.. makanan sedap-sedap belaka.. barang-barang murah.. orang-orangnya ramah (gewe cantik manis nosebleedhahahaha).. Kalau luar dari Malaysia nak pergi Turki dan Mesir hehehe mesti best huhuhuhu... Turki nak pergi tengok Masjid Biru tue Mesir nak tgok Piramid kat Giza....huhuhu Tapi kan pekara yang penting kalau melancong ni... hehe mencuba makanan di tempat-tempat yang kita kujungi huhuhu yelah mana lagi kan nak jumpa makanan yang pelik-pelik huhuhuhu

Favourite accessories...

Sebenarnya aku ni seorang lelaki yang tak tahu pasal accessories nie... ambil mudah je.. capai apa-apa je yang ada dalam almari tu pakai hahah.. tapi sekarang ni suka sangat jam tangan ALBA yang Along, Angah dan Ayie kongsi belikan untuk hadiah nak fly hari tu huhuhu walaupun takdalah mahal macam jam Orient, Tag Hugh, and brand-brand besar tapi still suka.. huhuh yelah kalau tak...pakailah jam tangan arwah ayah yang dah nak dekat rosak tu... so sebab kesian just biar jek simpan... Lagi apa ye?? Ha..Tali Pinggang dengan dompet POLO dari Choji and budak-budak PISMP untuk birthday tahun lepas huhuhhu.. sayang sangat dua benda tu... dan masa dapat hadiah tu suka sangat... suka-suka sangat tak terhinggaPhotobucket... dan sebab sangat sayang dah tak guna dah dompet dan tali pinggang tu takut rosak dan lusuh.. simpan-simpan beb orang bagi mahal tu....

4 perkataan yang selalu disebut...

  1. Orang tua - Nie sebab bila cakap orang lain tua dapat rasa diri sendiri muda hhhahah
  2. Apa-apa jelah (atau dalam English "What ever") - Nie kalau dah malas nak layan dah orang yang dilawan bercakap huhuhuhu
  3. Siot!!!! - Erm rasa nya nie just a nicer way tu say SIAL hahahah kau terang-terang aku cakap hahhaha.. tapi ape-ape jelah wei....
  4. Sengal - hahaha suka jugak hhahah tapi nie just cakap suka-suka jek xda lah macam serius hahahahha

Kalau ade duit berjuta juta juta...

Kalau ada duit berjuta-juta apa yang aku nak buat ye??? entah lah.. tap nie list nya hahahah...
  1. Simpan duit dalam bank huhuhu sediakan payung sebelum hujan...
  2. Bawa mak pergi Haji sekali lagi.. dia nak sangat pergi... herm aku pon msetilah kan nak jejak kaki kat bumi Mekkah dan Madinah...
  3. Hehhehe nak bukak francais kedai makan huhuh suka sangat perniagaan berasakan makanan ni hehehhe
  4. Buka pusat tuisyen heheh bercita-cita sangat.. hahaha
  5. Herm nak buka sekolah sendiri hahhaha dulu masa kat sekolah menengah ada lah terpikir huhu...sampai berangan lukis logo sekolah tu hahahhaha...
  6. Nak besarkan rumah yang arwah tinggalkan kat kitaorang... kalau boleh nak tambah lagi bilik.. bina lagi setingkat dan nak lawakan laman rumah tu.. tanam pokok ke... heheheh Rumah atuk kat Batu Pahat pon nak renovate hehhehe nak lawakan rumah kayu tu sayang wei rumah kayu kalau tak jaga betul sayang-sayang...
  7. Derma insyaAllah huhuhu yelah nak keberkatan kan???
Tu je kot?? entah lah tak tahu lah macam mana nanti hahahah tu pon kalau ada duit banyak kan???

Siapakah yang akan di tag?

Hehehehe nak tagg Nedd, Pert, Faidz, Saqinah, Abang Lie, Pok Jat, dan siapa-siapa jelah huhuu malas nak pikir hahahhaha

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bejing 2008 Welcome You!!!

At last China has opened their gate to the world by hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing. So this means that China is the third Asian country to host the world most waited and prestigious game (after Japan and Korea). I managed to watch the opening ceremony thanks to Basir...not all of it just the part where the athletes come in the Bird Nest Stadium, the Olympic flag been raised up and the flaming of the Olympic Cauldron (Gosh... the stadium is great yaynot that I was there but the fact watching from the television just make me felt awe hahahha)... What was really interesting is to watch how the Olympic Cauldron been set ablaze... Great gimmick from the host... A flying gymnast (huhu retired already) been hang over by cables flying at the rim of the stadium...kind like he was running in the air...Cool man.. really cool hahahha...

What is really important for me is how do Malaysian Team going to perform there. In Athens 2004 we did not managed to bag any medals.. So how about in Beijing? Hoped that this year will be different for team Malaysia. Been browsing through the net and I found out that Team Malaysia is aiming for a gold this year and any athletes manage to obtain it will be given RM 1 million by the government as an incentive.... hhuhuhu kayalah atlit Malaysia lepas ni itu pun kalau dapat lah kan??... With 33 athletes I hope that Malaysian contingent will do their best and do us proud.... Go MALAYSIA!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

p/s: I am not a sportsman actually and not a big fan of sport but if there something like Olympic hehehe I would like to be a part of it hehehhe

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

If He Can...Then I Can...

Some people don't value education... well some people do value it.. Just like the uncle in the story below...although it is in Malay.. but I know that my fellow Malaysian readers can understand it right??PhotobucketSo read up hehehe..

Pengawal keselamatan usia 55 tahun lulus sarjana

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Ogos – Semangat tinggi dan sikap tidak mudah berputus asa membuahkan kejayaan kepada seorang pengawal keselamatan berusia 55 tahun apabila beliau memperoleh ijazah sarjana daripada Universiti Malaya (UM) hari ini.

Biarpun mengalami pelbagai rintangan sepanjang enam tahun tempoh pengajian dalam bidang sejarah, pengawal keselamatan berkenaan, Lim Kim Peu (gambar), akhirnya berjaya menamatkan pengajiannya.

Pagi ini, Kim Peu menerima ijazah tersebut daripada Pro-Canselor UM, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah pada majlis konvokesyen universiti itu di sini.

Kim Peu yang masih bujang mula mengikuti program pengajian jarak jauh ijazah sarjana di UM pada 2002 dan sepanjang tempoh itu beliau bekerja sebagai pengawal keselamatan di Melaka.

Kim Peu memberitahu Utusan Malaysia, dengan pendapatan RM500 sebulan, beliau terpaksa menggunakan sebahagian besar wang gajinya untuk membiayai kos pengajian di UM.

“Wang memang merupakan satu masalah. Saya menghabiskan sebahagian besar daripada gaji saya untuk membayar yuran, tetapi itu pun tidak mencukupi.

“Nasib baik pihak universiti bertimbang rasa dan membenarkan saya membayar yuran secara ansuran,” katanya.

Pengorbanan Kim Peu itu berbaloi apabila baru-baru ini beliau berjaya mendapat pekerjaan sebagai jurulatih Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) di Melaka selepas lulus pengajian peringkat sarjana.

Lelaki yang berasal daripada keluarga buruh kasar di Merlimau, Melaka itu hanya menamatkan pelajarannya sehingga darjah enam. Pada 1971, beliau bekerja sebagai tukang sapu pada usia 18 tahun.

“Kerja sebagai tukang sapu memang susah dan kotor. Ramai orang menghina dan memandang rendah terhadap saya kerana pekerjaan itu.

“Keadaan itulah yang mendorong saya untuk melanjutkan pelajaran,” katanya.

Dengan belajar sendiri, Kim Peu berjaya menamatkan pelajaran sehingga ke tingkatan enam di sekolah swasta sebelum ditawarkan mengikuti kursus Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Sosial di Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) pada 1980.

Pengajian Kim Peu di USM dihabiskan dalam tempoh lapan tahun dan beliau merupakan pelajar yang mengambil masa paling lama untuk menamatkan pengajiannya.

“Pada 1980, saya masih seorang tukang sapu. Banyak masalah dihadapi. Gaji saya ketika itu cuma RM130 dan saya terpaksa menyara keluarga.

“Bagaimanapun, dengan semangat tinggi, saya tidak pernah terfikir untuk berhenti belajar dan akhirnya saya berjaya juga menamatkan pengajian walaupun mengambil masa selama lapan tahun,” katanya.

Menurut Kim Peu, sepanjang tempoh pengajiannya dari dulu hingga kini, beliau tidak pernah makan atau minum di luar.

“Saya terpaksa menjimatkan wang. Makanan segera seperti ayam KFC, McDonald’s atau minuman Coca-Cola tidak pernah saya jamah kerana wang perlu disimpan untuk meneruskan pelajaran,” ujarnya.

Demi mengubah nasibnya, Kim Peu memilih untuk meneruskan pelajaran selepas beberapa tahun lulus ijazah pertama di USM. Beliau kemudian diterima untuk mengikuti kursus sarjana pengajian sejarah di UM.

Well that uncle do value education... I hope that I will have the spirit just like him... I want to further my study..not only just a Degree holder.. maybe PHD...if Allah permits...InsyaAllah.. But my true passion is to become an educator.. a teacher.. teaching in a among kids.. inspire them to learn.. to be a good citizen.. to excel not only in life... Hope that I can achieve that.. Amin....

Taken from:

Monday, 4 August 2008

Permata Ayah Bonda...

Hello there... well.. I don't know why I posted this song.. But suddenly I feel like to share it with all of you. Herm.. not a big fan of Nasyid actually.. but back in secondary school I was into it. Every Friday night with hostel friends who share the same interest we will be hearing to "Carta Nasyid IKIM.FM" huhuhu... miss all those time. Actually this song dah lama dah huhuh but I was browsing my songs collection in the external hard disk when I found it. Make me missing home... well missing my MOM actually not much of a home hisk..hisk..

Permata Ayah Bonda.

Album : Keampunan
Munsyid : Firdaus

Mewangi kuntuman bahagia
Di halaman ayah serta bonda
Menatang selaut cahaya
Melerai resah dan gundah di jiwa
Segunung impian dicita

Selangit harapan di damba
Dibelai, dimanja mesra
Kaulah racun, kau penawar
Senyuman dan tangisanmu
Pengubat duka dan lara


Engkau umpama sebutir permata
Diperlubukkan kasih nan bersinar, bercahaya
Hiasi rumahtangga
Engkau harapan seisi keluarga
Panjatan doa dan aimata
Yang pasrah kepada Yang Esa
Kepadamu tercurah
Kasih sayang dan pengorbanan
Agar terus gemilang

Dididik, diasuh tiap masa
Diajarkan ilmu yang berguna
Mengenal Allah dan Rasul
Menyemai, menyubur iman di dada

Dilayur segala kekerasan
Dilentur dengan kelembutan
Dititip seuntai madah
Hidupmu mula dan berakhir
Menyusur fitrah dan sunnah
Bernoktah di penghujungnya


Tiada yang lebih membahagiakan
Melihat dirimu kian membesar, dewasa
Di dalam sejahtera
Usah terpesona pujukan dunia
Yang hanya menyilau pandangan
Memukau dengan keindahannya
Nasihat ayah bonda
Agar engkau lebih bersedia
Untuk menghadapinya

Bersemi kelopak kasih sayang
Di persada cinta yang sejati
Titisan susu ibunda
Menyegarkan, menghapuskan dahaga

Renjisan keringat dari ayahanda
Menyubur pohon kehidupan
Tuaian sebidang tabah
Buatmu doa dan harapan
Jadilah insan yang mulia
Pembela di hari tua


Waktu bisa merubah segalanya
Dewasalah dalam rahmat dan kasih Ilahi
Redahi pancaroba
Andai langkahmu tersasar kesimpangan
Pulanglah ke laman ayah bonda
Kembali menghuni di tamannya
Bersamalah semula
Menghirup embunan kasih sayang
Sedingin airmata bonda

Engkaulah permata ayah bonda....

Lagu : Adnan Abu Hassan
Lirik : Ito Lara

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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Holiday is Out.. Time for Classes...

Alhamdulillah now we have classes huhuh.. Seriously, I can't believe myself that I will be saying that.. But well indeed I felt it that way. The long summer holiday that were not filled with anything (asyik-asyik makan tidur makan tidur uhuhhuh) so I think that make me think it in that way. For the time being we will be having only one subject Language Awareness (LA) which is kind the same with Language Descriptions that we have done during our foundation years back in IPBA.

When the class has started what make me very glad is to see familiar faces. Yes the long holiday make me miss all my friends... When we have class that is the moment where we tease each others. Get to be together... Have fun together.. Hahahha yes I miss "kacau-ing" them. But the long holiday have made my brain a little bit rusty.. Isk..isk.. of course... Imagine after being self-indulging to the sweet of life without have to involve in any academic stuff for a period of time you will fell awkward when the has come for you to start getting your brain to work again hahhaha...

Well my first class with Lesly was kind a HORRIBLE nervois... what make it worst that it is grammar.. which I am totally sucks. I am REALLY...REALLY... BAD with grammar.. Still remember the first time I took LDS test.. well I did not pass with a flying colours but I flunk it... Really embarrassing for me that moment of truth.. huhuhu.. that was my first time having a REAL GRAMMAR test.. which I never had before... Now, learning LA just bringing back all of those bad memories... scary though. I am afraid that I will fail again Photobucket... Ya Allah tabahkanlah hati hamba-Mu ini huhuhu...

Okay.. now I know what I should do... BELAJAR RAJIN-RAJIN and prepare well for LA test huhuhu.. Really hope that I can make it... Amin....