Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bejing 2008 Welcome You!!!

At last China has opened their gate to the world by hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing. So this means that China is the third Asian country to host the world most waited and prestigious game (after Japan and Korea). I managed to watch the opening ceremony thanks to Basir...not all of it just the part where the athletes come in the Bird Nest Stadium, the Olympic flag been raised up and the flaming of the Olympic Cauldron (Gosh... the stadium is great yaynot that I was there but the fact watching from the television just make me felt awe hahahha)... What was really interesting is to watch how the Olympic Cauldron been set ablaze... Great gimmick from the host... A flying gymnast (huhu retired already) been hang over by cables flying at the rim of the stadium...kind like he was running in the air...Cool man.. really cool hahahha...

What is really important for me is how do Malaysian Team going to perform there. In Athens 2004 we did not managed to bag any medals.. So how about in Beijing? Hoped that this year will be different for team Malaysia. Been browsing through the net and I found out that Team Malaysia is aiming for a gold this year and any athletes manage to obtain it will be given RM 1 million by the government as an incentive.... hhuhuhu kayalah atlit Malaysia lepas ni itu pun kalau dapat lah kan??... With 33 athletes I hope that Malaysian contingent will do their best and do us proud.... Go MALAYSIA!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

p/s: I am not a sportsman actually and not a big fan of sport but if there something like Olympic hehehe I would like to be a part of it hehehhe


Pendatang Tanpa Nama said...

Kalo squash ada... dah lama Nicol David dapat RM1 juta tuh. Mujur xde. Huhuhu.

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

heheh tu lah kan?? agak nya knp diorg xbg squash masuk olimpk eh?? huhu