Friday, 29 August 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008: How About Malaysia?

Ok.. I know that it is a little bit late.. But.. what the heck.. it's my blog ahhahah... Now let go back to the topic... Olympic in Beijing.. How did Malaysian athletes performed?

Well after two very disappointing Olympic in Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004) this year in Beijing, Malaysia managed to put herself in the medal tallyPhotobucket. Yes, with just ONE silver we manage to be among the countries that bagged medals. For a small and not a sport power country.. that achievement is already can be considered as great. Why?? I'm not saying that Malaysia cannot do better than that. But, looking upon our athletes performing in the world stage this kind of achievement have made us proud (or better to say ME). Most of Malaysian athletes actually have great potentials... but when they meet the other challengers from other countries they become LAYU a little bit and cannot deliver their best performance. Sorry to say it, but it is true. Just look at our men trio archery team... number four in the world but they cannot even place themselves in top 4 during the archery event in Beijing... well there are a lot of examples but I just don't want to say it (don't let me start with our badminton men doubles).

What ever it was, I am really proud of our achievement in this year Olympic. Thanks to Lee Chong Wei and his coach Misbun Sidek (herm by now I should call them Dato' huhuhuu) we have make an appearance to the world. I think the government have rewarded them handsomely (Yelahkan.. with the RINGGITS and Dato' what can we ask for more??). KUDOS to both of them and a BIG THANKS to Misbun for his contribution. He also have to left his sick wife back at home for his job as a coach. May Allah bless his wife.

Okay.. now to sum all of it.. Malaysia had done her best in this year Olympic, but there are a lot of improvement that we can do.

p/s: Again I'm not a die hard fan of sport but I just want to share my thought. Peace Photobucket

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