Monday, 30 June 2008

Berpantai = Beaching (Azizi, 2008) =)


St. Ives... How to describe this place?? Beautiful... Beachy Emoticon maybe the right term sandy... Breath taking... Fun.. Wonderful... Cool... well there you have it all the good terms that I can think of to describe a place. Well this post is a little bit late because I think I already been there twice before I can write about that beautiful place huhuuhh....

The first trip I went there with all the seniors of Cohort 3 (Apek, Bob, Nedd, Warid, Jiejie, Faiz, Kak Yuni, and Kak Wani) and the second trip I went there with my fellow housemates (Yuni, Basir, Arif and Abang Edzlam hehhe dia nk ikut jugak huhhuu). Both trips started with a journey to the train station from Marjon by taxi hehhehe. We took the 9.28 am train to St. Ives...and the journey was 2 hours ( lah)... Well a little bit tiring actually..because 2 hours in a train without doing nothing imagine that... We spend most of the ride sleeping sleeping emoticon. After that we stop at St. Erth for a transit train to St. Ives....just a 10-15 minutes ride as I can remember hhuuhhu.... From St. Erth to St. Ives the view was superb!!!!! Imagine taking a train that move along a beautiful coastline with sandy beach and blue ocean (or green I just cannot decide which colour it was). When you reach the St. Ives train station the moment you step out from the coach you can smell the salty sea...or even taste it huhuhhu.... well for us we went straight to the beach (as the beach was very near to the train station). There were lots of people on the beach and his make me wonder does these Mat Sallehs doesn't go to work or what??? Because, both trips were during the weekdays...but the beach was crowded and it was pretty hard to find a place for ourselves anime emoticon huhuhuu... Well then what's more??? we plunge ourselves to the cold water uhhuhuhu... Don't get your selves fooled by the sunny weather... it doesn't help to heat the sea a little bit huhhuh the water were still cold.. it was just like you were jumping into a tub full of of ice hhehehhehe very cold indeed my friends very cold indeed Mati Membeku... well at least we have the experience diving into the North Atlantic Ocean hehhehhhehe Although it was very cold.. if you can just bear with it for a few minutes you will be the end you body will get use to it after that, trust me...

After we have ourselves experience the coldest sea ever we went back to the beach to get warm back... sunbathing lah sikit2 hheheh but with the clothes on huhhuhhuhu then we tuck in!!!! MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN hhehehehehhe Below are just a few pictures snapped by Nedd (Thanks ye Nedd your camera did a good job huhu kamera mahal lah katakan)

Yes.. guys as you can see we were enjoying ourselves Nasi Lemak Ayam and a special Strawberry Cake made by Kak Syafwah.. the Ayam Goreng rempah was made by me.. using the previous recipe that I have posted before hhehehehhe...

After eating and cleaning ourselves we perform our solat and then we went for a stroll in the small town.... Bought some souvenirs and Ice Cream huhuhu.. the town is very small you can just need to take the taxi because it is very near with the beach heheheh In the small town there were lots of shops selling all kind of vintage stuff... like handbags.. very cute ones... I almost want to buy a handbag for someone... but Kak Syafwah grab the bag that took my interest first huhuhhuh yelahkan siapa cepat dia yang dapat kan..... Now, below are some of the pictures while we were praying and during our walks in the small town in St. Ives hehehhehe

Then after enjoying ourselves there ape lagi balik lah we went back to Marjon after that. Yes... both trips were great and I'm looking forward to another one hheheh next year I am going to bring the juniors there... they will like it.....

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Resepi No.1 : Ayam Goreng Berempah

Actually, this is not my first food that I cook over here in Marjon...because currently I only have the picture of this recipe so I think it will be right to post this one first... So that all of you who might be interested in trying this recipe will have a rough picture (or idea) how the outcome of the recipe should look like huhhuh Hehehe ... I took the recipe from someone in the net but I have changed the original recipe... so help your self to this one

Ayam Goreng Berempah.


1 whole chicken cut into 10 - 12 pieces

2 big red onion

5 cloves of garlic

1 inch or a thumb of galangal (Lengkuas)

1 inch or a thumb of ginger

1 inch or a thumb of turmeric (Kunyit) or 2 teaspoon of the powdered one

2 lemons grass (Serai)

2 tea spoons of cumin (Jintan Manis)

2 tea spoons of black cumin (Jintan Hitam)

2 table spoons curry powder

1 egg

Corn flour (4 generous table spoon
s or more)
Salt to taste
Curry leaves (if you have, if don't never mind)

  1. Cut and clean the chicken properly. Make sure you dried the water a little bit.
  2. Blend all the ingredients - herbs and spices (except the salt, egg, corn flour and the chicken of course hehmmhehmm)
  3. Then using hands ... Yes both of your bare hands make sure it clean!!!! Mix the blended stuff with the chicken properly and add salt to taste.
  4. Let the chicken marinated with all the blended stuff for about an hour.
  5. Before you fry it, add the egg and corn flour and mix it well.
  6. Fry the chicken and put the curry leaves in the oil while you were frying.

Well there you have it the recipe that I have improvised... The taste was ok with me... By the way...this fried chicken remind me the one that we always eat in Pak Lang's Cafeteria (IPBArian you know what I mean) huuuhh Miss that friend chicken.. but this one is not the same as that one... a little bit different I think... because I can't find any curry leaves here (must look for it!!!!!! Arghhh) Just a tip for all of you.. dried the chicken properly (orang Melayu cakap tuskan ayam tu, bagi kurang air supaya tak banyak air masa nak goreng nanti). Hope all of you who read this post will try this recipe.... Thanks =)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Assalamualaikum... well..well..well.. What do you know??? At last I have my own blog.... Thanks to all my friends who started blogging first.. now I have my own blog. For the last few years I have been reading other people's blog but not tempted to start my own. Maybe because I'm a person who dislike writing and sharing my personal feeling, emotion etc. ...

Herm.. now you might question me.. What make you change your mind?? Yeah Suhaimi... What did changed your mind??? Well after been browsing other people's blog for a period of time (I'm sure that it is a LONG period of time) I realized that BLOGGING is not only for you to share your feeling and emotion... hhuuh it is beyond that (wah..wah.. macam lebih-lebih pula).

Not only that I think that with blog writing I can actually occupied my sooooo FREEEEEE time over here... Ngantuk Gosh.. how boring is life over here when there is nothing to do!!!! beside that I think by blogging I can share my Hehehe ehem .... recipe with all of you out there.. Yes... been cooking a lot of food over here in Marjon... As an oversea student I have to cook by myself in order to survive... I have tried a lot of recipes from books, internet (including other people blogs and the famous Huhuhu.. hope that others can benefit from my finding in the realm of cooking hehheheh