Sunday, 22 June 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Assalamualaikum... well..well..well.. What do you know??? At last I have my own blog.... Thanks to all my friends who started blogging first.. now I have my own blog. For the last few years I have been reading other people's blog but not tempted to start my own. Maybe because I'm a person who dislike writing and sharing my personal feeling, emotion etc. ...

Herm.. now you might question me.. What make you change your mind?? Yeah Suhaimi... What did changed your mind??? Well after been browsing other people's blog for a period of time (I'm sure that it is a LONG period of time) I realized that BLOGGING is not only for you to share your feeling and emotion... hhuuh it is beyond that (wah..wah.. macam lebih-lebih pula).

Not only that I think that with blog writing I can actually occupied my sooooo FREEEEEE time over here... Ngantuk Gosh.. how boring is life over here when there is nothing to do!!!! beside that I think by blogging I can share my Hehehe ehem .... recipe with all of you out there.. Yes... been cooking a lot of food over here in Marjon... As an oversea student I have to cook by myself in order to survive... I have tried a lot of recipes from books, internet (including other people blogs and the famous Huhuhu.. hope that others can benefit from my finding in the realm of cooking hehheheh


kudabesi said...

ye..suhaimi ada blog..

ni mesti best ni haha

zatiMJ said...

oit ada blog tak bgtau!