Friday, 31 October 2008

.::. Feliz Cumpleaños .::.

To my two best friends....

:: Miss Nor Yasmin Binti Zainuddin ::


:: Mr Mohd Azrizad Bin Noor ::
Happy Birthday! Pictures, Images and Photoshappy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

May both of you be blessed by Allah...
Panjang umur dan murah rezeki...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Erm another tagged I assume??

Owh!??! I just received an award?? Well lama dah tak dapat apa-apa award.. last dapat masa kluar result SPM.. huhhu ok lah nie ucapan saya...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera kepada semua...huhu.. Syukur pada Illahi kerana dengan limpah kurnia-Nya dapatlah saya menerima anugerah ini... Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada saudari Amirah atas pencalonan ini.. tidak saya sangka saya akan menerima anugerah sebegini... Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada ibu dan arwah bapa saya kerana melahirkan dan membesarkan saya yang amat degil ini... kepada adik-beradik yang sentiasa menjadi pendorong dan juga rakan-rakan yang sentiasa membantu huhu baiklah tak mahu panjang jela.. Sekian terima kasih...

and so, I would like to extend this wonderful award to another 5 people whom their blog is in my daily clicks!

before that, rules here are made for you to follow:

1. give to only u feel GILA-GILA / BEST
2. only 5 people.
3. Link to that person who received the award
4. Sesiapa dapat Award ni DiWAJIBkan buat POSTING sebab dia dapat award ni kat blog dia
5. inform that person yang dapat award ini kt blog dia ok !!

Congratulations to:
1,2,3,4,5 those yg rajin nak wat lg huhu

p/s: mls le nk g award kat org huhu tp best jgk dpt award nie huhuh and Mira sorry lambat wat award nie huhu kinda busy you know huhu

Friday, 24 October 2008

* Buon Compleanno *

.::. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki... Amin... .::.
Happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
n.b : herm.. dah sudah.. aku tinggal sorang kat iVillage nie huhuh sapa-sapa nak teman aku? ~

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Badminton Tournament

Hello readers... Today a few friends of mine was involved in a badminton tournament.. well I don't know what was the tournament called.. GOMEN... but what is the most important thing is that those who were not playing (including me uhuhu yelah mana pandai main kan???) came down to give our support to them... Although they did not win but they did their best... Never mind it was their first time I know they going to do better... Ok stop with the yapping.. Below here are few pics that I managed to snapped today..

:: Before the match.. must pose first ::

:: Eh.. Tak sampai pulak ::

:: Bola Nad... Bola Zati.. ::

:: Go Moon..Gooo ::

:: Hah.. Macam ni..Kau bagi kiri nanti dia bagi kanan.. ::

:: Lentik lagi Arif ::

:: Stretch Thirah... Stretch ::


:: Last serve ni... We can win this... ::

:: YEAH!!! We win!!! ::

:: The Boys ::

:: Hiak.. Arif amek tue.. ::

:: Patrick.. as usual.. He was awesome ::

:: Water.. Water... Air..Air... ::

:: Lines girl... wei jaga lah line huhuh ::

:: The supporters ::

:: Penatlah main.. Lain kali I tak mau main lagi ::

:: Kak Yah with her cam ::

:: Japanese students with Fiza and Nadia ::

:: Even the seniors came to give their support ::

n.b: As a photographer...there isn't any picture of me... huhuhuhemoticon...

Sunday, 19 October 2008


#See how empty the place was#

Today I worked in the iVillage replacing Sammi (Suhaimi replacing Sammi warghhhhh it's ryhmes LOL grin Pictures, Images and Photos) who is not well. Yeah as I already expected it is damn boring today... well never mind that... in the end I'll be getting the extra money hahahah.. Who doesn't want a job where you will be paid for just sitting in-front of a computer... Ok need to close the place lah... it is already near 5.oo pm...

Friday, 17 October 2008

:: The Tale of Two Gutsy Girls ::

Teacher kicked, slapped by two Form 2 girls
By : Ahmad Fairuz Othman

The incident between Azhana Ibrahim and two students of Sekolah Menengah Perlis was recorded on a handphone belonging to another student.
The incident between Azhana Ibrahim and two students of Sekolah Menengah Perlis was recorded on a handphone belonging to another student.

KANGAR: A 27-year-old teacher was allegedly kicked in her belly by a student in class yesterday.

Azhana Ibrahim says she wasn’t hurt but was traumatised
Azhana Ibrahim says she wasn’t hurt but was traumatised
Physics teacher Azhana Ibrahim was assaulted after being involved in an argument with two Form Two students at 10am.

The argument was over a crude word which one of the students had written in a class project report.

The teacher sought an explanation from the students, both 14, which ended in a shouting match.

Azhana and the two students also traded slaps in the incident at Sekolah Menengah Perlis here.
District police chief Superintendent Yusof Mohd Diah said the teacher was kicked in the belly about two to three times during the incident.

"The teacher had advised the students about something that was written in a report which they submitted."

Azhana had no physical injuries, but she was traumatised.

She was accompanied by two other teachers when she lodged a report at the Kangar district police station.

The teacher had taught in Johor for five years before being transferred to Perlis in January.

The case comes in the wake of several disciplinary cases which occurred at the same school since last year.

There was also a case of lewd behaviour last year involving two students.

Just three days before, the school's principal was given a warning by the education authorities concerning a complaint lodged by a group of parents.

Parents of eight Muslim students, who were part of the school's brass band, claimed the school had directed their children to participate in a religious festival organised by a Taoist temple here.

This prompted the state Education Department to issue a warning to the principal, asking him to be more sensitive of the pupils' religious differences.

Meanwhile, a teacher who accompanied Azhana to the police station said the latter was traumatised.

"She was shaken when she came into the teachers' room for help. We then drove her to the police station."

The teacher, who declined to be named, said other students were called in to gang up on the teacher during the incident.

Azhana had apparently asked the two students to submit their physics folio assignment several times, but to no avail.

When the students did submit their reports, they had written gila babi (crazy swine) which was aimed at Azhana.

It is learnt that the words were written at the back cover of the report.

Azhana then questioned the students in front of a Form One class yesterday morning. A fight broke out after the teacher tried to advise the students and the incident was recorded on a student's handphone.

When contacted, state Education Department director Mansor Lat said a full report would be sought from the school.

Taken from: (The New Straits Times On-line, 17/10/2008)

n.b. Wargh!!!!!!!! That was my first impression when I read this article... I can't believe my eyes when I read this... Isk.. what happened to our "pemudi" nowadays huhuh scary though.. they are only 14.... not 41 but they acted as if they were bigger and older than the teacher... I thought my generation of students are already bad... but this has put BAD to another level huhuh scary..scary..scary... Adakah budak-budak tersebut ahli martial art?? Hisk kicked and slapped the teacher... amboi... what's wrong with them herm?? There must be something wrong.. did the teacher provoked them?? Maybe the authorities should investigate furthere... Herm... but overall I'm not saying that the girls have the right to do such thing to the teacher... just that we can't hear from one side only... yeah that's right... Even killers have their rights... herm kalau aku kena sepak dengan anak murid apa akan aku buat agaknya??? Sepak balik kot hahahhahaha no lah.. I myself don't know what will I do.. huhuh :P

Thursday, 16 October 2008

~Merajuk Ku Bukan Lama~

Today is THE DAY for our LAC Presentation.. overall it was great and I think we have done our best but I think I have done a few mistakes while presenting (There this one part that I explained differently from what we have discussed before and I did stuttered a little bitEmoticon 2). As I was typing this entry I have already read all the feedbacks given by my friends who have been good listeners hhuhuh lots of comments given (though few of them write as if they don't want to write anything herm....). Ayunni, Yasmin and I was the first group to get the ball rolling. Well I was the one who wished to go first but I don't expect that my wish will become true.. pity Yasmin as she was hoping that we will not be the first group presenting black cathuhuhu Sorry Meng..Meng... .

Ok stop with today presentation, now back to the title of the entry... well this morning as our group was preparing to present I was busy with the computer and our slides (herm busy sangat kah?) I was making a last check up before our presentation I realise that there isn't any chair there, so I asked to this particular girl (you know who you areemoticon) if I can take the chair near to her group.. herm do you know what did she did??...she make a joke out of it... Well as I was in a hurry and scared a little bit (of course-lah 1st group.. what do you think??)... and also I was not in the right state of mind...I became mad at her (and the whole group I think for being so chicky at the wrong time).. well I become bitter .. so I just snap at her... Serve her right I think... then she just said "Buat lawak pagi-pagi pun tak boleh"....or something like that...I just can't listen clearly because I ignored her... It is not that she can't make a joke in the morning or what ever... It is just the timing was not right.. Didn't she see me busy with the computer and preparing our slides?? Didn't she see there isn't any chair near the computer and it is much better if there is one so that people who will be handling it can sit down? or is it just that she being just plain ignorant?? Through out the day I went on sulking on them...ignoring them...

But when I went back home... I felt miserable for acting that way... I know..I know... I'm popular for being too emotional... but lately things has been bad for me.. Life most probably had been treating me badly... I'm just hanging on the line right now... yes most of you might see me being a happy guy... not much a problem.. but deep down I'm just A GUY... no more that that.. I can break down when I feel the pressure.. but I wouldn't show it to you... My family just lost a member that we love so much... I'm in the pressure of assigments... Having a bad relationship with someone... everything is up side down nowadays... So when I'm being bitter just bare with me...and try to understand me.. When I'm sulking just let me be.. don't call me.. don't add oil to the fire... After a while I will cool down and then it will be okay... Gosh... how I miss my mum soooooooooooooooooo mmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Down here is just a vid... relating to "merajuk" hahaha I don't know why suddenly I feel that I want to listen to traditional song... very classic of me...

:: BTW I don't ask anyone to "pujuk" me ::


1) Moral of the story... don't mess with a person who was busy preparing to present their presentation...

2) Jangan lah emotional sangat Suhaimi nanti ko jugak yang merana huhuhu xp

3) Herm merajuk... The other day someone was "merajuk" with me... Then we did not talk for a few days.. well yesterday I greet that person...and it feel awkward though.. hope it wouldn't be long... cause I just miss the old days..before that person "merajuk" with me.

~Being Tired~

Hey just finished discussion for our presentation tomorrow.. I'm totally tired this week... wish me luck guys ~

Monday, 13 October 2008

~Daripada Allah Kita Datang, Kepada Allah Kita Kembali~

Firman Allah Taala:

Yang bermaksud: "Tiap-tiap umat mempunyai ajal, maka apabila telah datang ajalnya mereka tidak dapat mengundurkannya barang sesaat pun dan tidak dapat (pula) mencepatkannya."

(Surah Al-A'raf: ayat 34)

When I woke up this morning...I received an SMS from Along my sister, I was shocked....

"Just want to inform. Tok Su Rahman adik Tok Cin passed away last night."

A simple SMS... Just like that...Tok Su passed away?? Innalillahi Wainnalillahirajiun.... Never thought that Tok Su will be leaving us forever. The last time I saw him was during my final trip back to Batu Pahat before I flew to UK. He was very healthy back then.. But God's willing...we who are just mere human being cannot do anything. I was down for today..but I don't want to show it...

Tok Su...Semoga Allah mencucuri roh mu... Ya Allah tempatkanlah Tok Su dikalangan orang yang beriman... Amin...

~Al Fatihah for my beloved Tok Su Rahman...Al-Fatihah~

~How lucky we are~

Kids at work


THE cream and orange cafe with scalloped windows on India’s National Highway 31 dubs itself the “Compleat Family Hotel”.

But the only children inside were small boys hard at work, clearing away the plates.

“I ran away from school because the teacher used to beat me,” said spindly-legged Mukesh Kumar, 12, speaking softly as he wiped a table, gesturing to a welt on his foot.

Raju, 11, wiping a bench at a roadside stall. – AFP

Kumar said he had been working full-time for three months, even though he is two years below the minimum age for employees in homes, hotels and restaurants, as set by a key 2006 amendment to India’s child labour laws.

He lives in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states. Millions of children across the country also endure the hard grind of working life, often labouring as many as 12 hours a day for paltry wages.

India, since passing a 1986 law that banned those under 14 years of age from working in hazardous industries such as fireworks manufacture, has slowly strengthened legislation against child labour.

The 2006 amendment €” passed two years ago this month €” criminalised many hidden aspects of the problem and was hailed as a major breakthrough.

But activists say the new laws have made little progress in ending a practice rooted in India’s dire poverty.

“It is all about international image building,” said Kailash Satyarthi, a prominent advocate against child labour, who accuses the government of lacking the political will to enforce the law.

”When there is pressure from other countries, you can just show them that you have this good law.”

Like Raju Prasad, millions of children across India endure the hard grind of working life. – AFP

Indian officials say approximately half a million children have been removed from work and sent back to their villages or special boarding schools over the last decade.

But the government cannot say whether the number of children rescued outpaces the number of new children sent to work.

In fact, no one can agree on how many children are employed illegally.

The last census, in 2001, put the number of child workers at 12.6 million, while a major household health survey released two years ago and cited by the United Nations, estimated it was closer to 30 million.

But Satyarthi puts the real number today as high as 60 million.

Child welfare advocates also fear that many of those saved from child labour soon return to work.

“Reintegration of these children back into mainstream society remains a challenge,” said Simrit Kaur, a Unicef child protection specialist.

“Children are removed from exploitative situations but without a clear rehabilitation mechanism, at times, they fall back to probably worse situations.”

Government labour officials say they are improving on the information used to tackle child labour.

“We want to know the actual numbers so we can target those children in a more effective manner,” said Shree Ram Joshi, an Indian labour official who expects a clearer picture to emerge from a major new survey next year.

Government authorities and activists agree that the best way to fight child labour is to improve education and family earnings €” though a few quick-fixes exist.

In the meantime, children often say they must work because they learn nothing at school and are sometimes ill-treated at home.

“My parents were not good.

“My mother used to beat me,” said Abhishek, a small round-faced boy who looked about 10, working as a delivery boy at a food stall in the heart of New Delhi.

He left his home, bordering Uttar Pradesh state, three months ago and now sleeps at the stall where he found work for 800 rupees (RM59) a month.

”This is the right thing for me now,” he said, insisting he was 14.

Years later, many child workers like Abhishek would resent their childhood spent at work.

Chitranjan Kumar Varma, 28, ran away from his teacher’s beatings and his parents, who wanted him to stay at school, to learn how to drive. Fifteen years later he earns the equivalent of about US$150 (RM523) a month.

“Now I feel bad I didn’t study. Now I understand what studying can bring you,” said Varma.

“I would have gone ahead in life. Now I can’t do anything but be a driver.” €” AFP

Taken from: (The Star On-line, 12th October 2008)

n.b: Reading this article make me realise how lucky we are in Malaysia..

Sunday, 12 October 2008

~Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag~

:: There she is, with Danish..
isk rindu pula nak angkat & main-main dengan Danish..Mesti dia dah besar ::

It is 12th of October today and guess what?? It is my best friends BIRTHDAY!!! YEAHHHH!!! So I would like to wish you...SITI AYU BISTARI BINTI ISMAIL.. Happy 21st Birthday. my dear friend.. May Allah bless you and may you have the joyous birthday ever...Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki amin.....Although you are far away I will always remember you...

Saturday, 11 October 2008

~ malas ~ كسول ~ faul ~ lui ~ 懒惰的 ~ आलसी ~ pigro ~ 怠惰な ~ ленивый ~ perezoso ~ lazy ~

lazy Pictures, Images and Photos

Assalamualaikum to all readers.. I think it had been long since I posted anything... reasons??? Been infected by "M" Virus which is really popular among us students...been busy lately..really..really busy I tell youPhotobucket classes, readings, assigments and all of those things which are related to a student's life ... herm...ok..ok.. that is all excuses (ALASAN SEMUA TU... KALAU MALAS CAKAP JELAH) ... YES I admit that I'm lazy...there are lots of things that I want to type down... my cookies making over here, my raya experience in UK, my trip to London, Leeds and Manchester, my work hunt and interview, my sulking friend (no offence), my LIFE.... hisk everythings are already in the mind..just needed to be put into words and typed in here...I don't know what got into me lately.. I do all my study works and I find the time to do other things but I have been neglecting my blog.. herm maybe it is already the peak where you just get bored with things.. isk..isk.. I will not neglect you my bloggy... will find the power to push myself to write things up...ok..ok...I need to stop yapping right now...see all of you in another entry...bye...