Sunday, 19 October 2008


#See how empty the place was#

Today I worked in the iVillage replacing Sammi (Suhaimi replacing Sammi warghhhhh it's ryhmes LOL grin Pictures, Images and Photos) who is not well. Yeah as I already expected it is damn boring today... well never mind that... in the end I'll be getting the extra money hahahah.. Who doesn't want a job where you will be paid for just sitting in-front of a computer... Ok need to close the place lah... it is already near 5.oo pm...


Warid @ Qohar said...

dont comment a lot. go and make your NI number then call the tax office and give your NI number, or else they gonna cut some amount of money from your salary.

X-IT Support

Sapixx said...

ape mende pailang tu?

Anonymous said...

pailang..langsi da sampai ke uk da beb

hehe dulu jd basahan mulut dak2 3

kudabesi now n again

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

warid: ye abg x-IT support saya akan buat spt apa yg kamu bg tahu huhuh

sapixx: erm aku pon tak tahu huhu just dr school slalu guna hahhaha

kudabesi: plezz explain more about "pailang" aku pon xtahu lah hahah

Shihyou said...

gile pailang