Thursday, 23 October 2008

Badminton Tournament

Hello readers... Today a few friends of mine was involved in a badminton tournament.. well I don't know what was the tournament called.. GOMEN... but what is the most important thing is that those who were not playing (including me uhuhu yelah mana pandai main kan???) came down to give our support to them... Although they did not win but they did their best... Never mind it was their first time I know they going to do better... Ok stop with the yapping.. Below here are few pics that I managed to snapped today..

:: Before the match.. must pose first ::

:: Eh.. Tak sampai pulak ::

:: Bola Nad... Bola Zati.. ::

:: Go Moon..Gooo ::

:: Hah.. Macam ni..Kau bagi kiri nanti dia bagi kanan.. ::

:: Lentik lagi Arif ::

:: Stretch Thirah... Stretch ::


:: Last serve ni... We can win this... ::

:: YEAH!!! We win!!! ::

:: The Boys ::

:: Hiak.. Arif amek tue.. ::

:: Patrick.. as usual.. He was awesome ::

:: Water.. Water... Air..Air... ::

:: Lines girl... wei jaga lah line huhuh ::

:: The supporters ::

:: Penatlah main.. Lain kali I tak mau main lagi ::

:: Kak Yah with her cam ::

:: Japanese students with Fiza and Nadia ::

:: Even the seniors came to give their support ::

n.b: As a photographer...there isn't any picture of me... huhuhuhemoticon...


Alice said...

wahhhhh! kelakar gila gambar aku! hahahahaha

minimainimira said...

gambar aku lagi la..
isk gambar bersukan mmg tak cun lngsung..

Athirah Basirah Dahman said...

stretch sungguh, sebab lembab nak kejar bola hahaha! suhaimi, aku link ko nyer blog kt aku nyer eh?huhu

Warid @ Qohar said...

i love the hikmat petala langit picture

Alice said...

me too, warid!

u got style bebeh! :P

zatiMJ said...

haha lawak gler gmba2 tu.gler buruk gmba time men.isk2.

Pasifik said...

Hi, if you like to play badminton you can check this site, HERE and HERE. It's a good place to know what badminton is all about.

Good luck,


minimainimira said...

ntah bila la ada hikmat petala tuh..
aku pun tak sedar..
pndai la ko emy.

Hijrah said...


hahaha! bagus2 korang! tahniah sebab sangat keberusahaan. emy sayang, kamu ade potential untuk jadik photographer berjaya. =D