Saturday, 11 October 2008

~ malas ~ كسول ~ faul ~ lui ~ 懒惰的 ~ आलसी ~ pigro ~ 怠惰な ~ ленивый ~ perezoso ~ lazy ~

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Assalamualaikum to all readers.. I think it had been long since I posted anything... reasons??? Been infected by "M" Virus which is really popular among us students...been busy lately..really..really busy I tell youPhotobucket classes, readings, assigments and all of those things which are related to a student's life ... herm...ok..ok.. that is all excuses (ALASAN SEMUA TU... KALAU MALAS CAKAP JELAH) ... YES I admit that I'm lazy...there are lots of things that I want to type down... my cookies making over here, my raya experience in UK, my trip to London, Leeds and Manchester, my work hunt and interview, my sulking friend (no offence), my LIFE.... hisk everythings are already in the mind..just needed to be put into words and typed in here...I don't know what got into me lately.. I do all my study works and I find the time to do other things but I have been neglecting my blog.. herm maybe it is already the peak where you just get bored with things.. isk..isk.. I will not neglect you my bloggy... will find the power to push myself to write things up...ok..ok...I need to stop yapping right now...see all of you in another entry...bye...