Friday, 20 February 2009

Before and After.

Hi there,

Where to start? Ok let me tell you what happened yesterday. Yesterday evening, we received a visit from two senior officers from Ministry of Education and Teacher Education Division, Malaysia and one from Malaysian Student Department, London. They came late honestly and we spend much of our time waiting *Dah lah I hate waiting for people...haih*. They were here to sign-up an MOU with Marjon regarding the new cycle of B.Ed TESL groups that will be coming over here this year. We were told that for the next cycle only two cohort will be learning overseas and the rest will continue their degree program in local universities. That is what the cabinet had decided. But I'm sure when the economic downturn end the government will continue this program with the next cycle. They also took some of their time to visit Marjon and have a talk with us Cohort 4 and 5.

Back to real story. During the talk, one of the officers looked at some of the boys (including me) and particularly interested with our long hair. So she start to talk about us not portraying the look of what a teacher should look like. I was dumbfounded when she talked about us having long hair and look not as "smart" as the newcomers. Yes I have realised it that my "shabbiness "are not suitable for the profession that I'll be persuing in the next few years (Just want to ask, do I look shabby?). But it doesn't mean that I will stay looking like this until the day I'm back in Malaysia.

I don't feel that I'm less than other if I look like what I'm now.

To tell the truth I just want to have a long hair. I know in Malaysia even if you not a teacher , having a long hair for a Malay guy is kind a out of the norm and people will look at you negatively. But the situation is different over here, I'm in UK and I just want to have a long hair, furthermore cutting hair over here is expensive. You have to pay £10.00 for just cutting your hair and that is worth of two meals. Yes I know the way that I try to justify myself seems a little bit childish. I know she is afraid that when I start my profession I will give a bad influence to the students. But afraid not Ma'am, I still remeber the ethic of being a teacher and it is my dream job, to touch the mind of our young generation so that they will be come someone useful in the future. Just for once, let me be someone that I want to be for a while over here. When I'm back in Malaysia, I promise that I will portray the "CITRA KEGURUAN" that the Ministry of Education sought after from their teachers...and that is a PROMISE.

p/s: Hey what am I doing right now? Blogging? I should start writting my assignment right now!!! ahhahaha :D

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Just want to wish all B.Ed TESL MARJON Cohort 5 a warm....

Welcome Pictures, Images and Photos

although the weather is not that great now.. we hope that all of you will be settling down just fine. Hope that all of you will have a great experience here in Plymouth.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Currently Listening To...

Another post... ahahha.. seems that you are bored Suhaimi? Yes I think so... ok.. now this post is about songs that I keep on playing this couple of days... and for this part only the English songs first ok.. Just want to share it with my fellow readers...

1) Heaven by Brian Adams.

This original version by Bryan Adams is sooooo great... He is a Canadian rock singer-writer. Most of the songs he sing written by himself...and most of them are great..but I personally love this one.

2) Heaven by DJ Sammy and Yanou.

And this one is a cover version made by UK DJ Sammy and Yanou. There is a techno version of the song.. but I think the classical and slow music of this version is much better.

3) Shout by Lulu.

Another cover song sing by Lulu another Britain singer. This song is made popular by her in 1965.

4) Top of the World by The Carpenters.

I don't know why..just that I soooo in Love with this song~~

5) Halo by Beyonce.

I'm not really into Beyonce's songs but this one is just marvelous.

6) My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small.

I just love to hear the voice of Millie.. her voice is just unique to the ears...and the way people back then just funny to see :)

p/s: I know all the songs are kind of old . But it is still feel fres for me. I admit it that I'm not a person who keep track on what is the 'IN' thing all the time. Moreover, I just listen to songs that I like regardless which era it from.


It is official that I have finished my TSLD06 assigment.. Yahoo!!! can have a little break for a while before and enjoy my life actionahahhaha..yup.. before another assigment come... Now I can go to the city centre and worry nothing.. yes i think I need to treat myself herm.. movie maybe? ahhaha..
Oh.. today the Marjonian cohort 5 have touched down in UK... so I would like to wish to all of them a warm welcome (although the weather is dreadfully cold)..

WELCOME Pictures, Images and Photos

erm but they are still in London... a proper welcome can only be made this Sunday.. hhuhu ok then I have to wait for them... till then Ja~Naa..

p/s: lots of things I want to write.. but I think later..