Saturday, 7 February 2009


It is official that I have finished my TSLD06 assigment.. Yahoo!!! can have a little break for a while before and enjoy my life actionahahhaha..yup.. before another assigment come... Now I can go to the city centre and worry nothing.. yes i think I need to treat myself herm.. movie maybe? ahhaha..
Oh.. today the Marjonian cohort 5 have touched down in UK... so I would like to wish to all of them a warm welcome (although the weather is dreadfully cold)..

WELCOME Pictures, Images and Photos

erm but they are still in London... a proper welcome can only be made this Sunday.. hhuhu ok then I have to wait for them... till then Ja~Naa..

p/s: lots of things I want to write.. but I think later..

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