Saturday, 31 January 2009

.: Kantoi ehehe >_< :.

Hello readers,

Kantoi or in English, caught red handed. That what happened to me a few days back. Huhuh to tell the truth, I'm a person who love to 'blog-hopping' from one blog to another. Last year, thanks to Marjon's 'high speed internet connection' I started this hobby. But one day, I found this interesting blog about a Malaysian English language lecturer's life. All of his entries were interesting for me. Some were sad, some were funny, some were just full of inspiration. So I guess I got hooked up with this blog. Almost everyday I will click on his blog waiting for it's owner to whip up interesting new entry.

It has been one year now since I become a silent reader of this blog. But as I have told you a few days back the unthinkable happened.. I'm officially kantoi-ed by the owner of the blog. He left a few comments on my blog. I was so surprised to read his comments.. How in the world did he manage to tracked me back? To make it more interesting It has been like 8 months since I linked his blog to mine without asking his permission. Now I have come clean with him...and hey he put my link in his blog. That is an honour!!! ^_^V.. Thanks Cekmi!!!

-End of Yapping-


Syaza said..., camtu citenye..
aku pon dah tgk jgk blognye..
len kali nak wat, pandai2 cover..hehe.. =p

Cik Seri said...

blog yang mana?
nak baca juga