Sunday, 18 January 2009

:: Update - Baby Khairah ::

Hello guys...

Today my sis YM~ed with me... sharing infos about family in Malaysia and everything... and one of the topic was about baby Khairah. She shared with me a few pictures of the baby. Alhamdulillah.. Khairah is in a good condition, she is pretty well with her Mum and Dad.. well I'm a little bit sad and jealous because she hasn't meet her uncle yet (Me of course huhu)... but I have sent a few stuff for her (the parents also).. Hope she will like it huhuh Seeing her from the first picture owh how adorable is my niece.. can't wait to be back in Malaysia and see her~~ Ok lah just a few pictures of her with her parents (Kak Ayie and Abang Sham) and the grandparents.

.: Khairah (in pink) and her new friend~ Baby yang my mum jaga sekarang~
Comel rambut sama style ahhahahah :.

.: Masa Majlis Bercukur dan Potong Jambul -
Khairah dipangku Nenek nya and baju purple tu her Mum Kak Ayie :.

.: With her nenek my Mum :.

.: Both nenek~s :.

.: Nyenyak menyusu :.

.: Weird way of treating a baby~ But I know it is the traditional way :.

.: Woit Ayie ang wat pe tue ahhaha :.

.: Daddy's Girl - p/s: Abang Sham takkan baju dari Paris tue dibuat mandi laut pulak? :.


minimainimira said...

uncle emy,
the first pic tu nampak mcm dorg kembar kan?

ayubistari said...

emy...comel nye baby baru...especially gamba yg rambut tajam tu.. macam otromen!