Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Nikmat yang Tak Terhingga~~

Assalamualaikum and Hey to all~

Alhamdulillah after a troubling and uneasy week last week now I'm back on my two feet hehhe~~ alive~~lively~~ in a good condition and health (tinggal batuk-batuk je)~~~ Guys just a word of a advice' DON'T YOU EVER get sick in winter huhu it FELT TERRIBLE.. but lots of peeps helped me... Thanks you all. To Beethoven who keep me company during my cold night thanks a lot.. sorry I dont have food to give you but hey already bought a box of cat food for you~ Do drop by Beetho. Ok That's all~~ Tata~

:: Beethoven isn't he lovely? ::

p/s: Class will start this Thursday~ Can't wait t learn~
p/ss: Lots of stuff to write but Encik Malas is lingering around me huhuh~~


alonq_exe said...

Semoga sihat walafiat selalu hendaknya ye Suhaimi.
Tu gambar Beethoven tu, ko amik ke? Mantap sungguh.

amir.myself said...

oit kaksu, its me amir here.. ingat lagi x kat aku.. huhu..
ntah2 ko ngan along da xkenal ak kan.. sedey je.. arrrrr...

paih said...

beetho merenung masa depan.. huhuhu