Friday, 17 October 2008

:: The Tale of Two Gutsy Girls ::

Teacher kicked, slapped by two Form 2 girls
By : Ahmad Fairuz Othman

The incident between Azhana Ibrahim and two students of Sekolah Menengah Perlis was recorded on a handphone belonging to another student.
The incident between Azhana Ibrahim and two students of Sekolah Menengah Perlis was recorded on a handphone belonging to another student.

KANGAR: A 27-year-old teacher was allegedly kicked in her belly by a student in class yesterday.

Azhana Ibrahim says she wasn’t hurt but was traumatised
Azhana Ibrahim says she wasn’t hurt but was traumatised
Physics teacher Azhana Ibrahim was assaulted after being involved in an argument with two Form Two students at 10am.

The argument was over a crude word which one of the students had written in a class project report.

The teacher sought an explanation from the students, both 14, which ended in a shouting match.

Azhana and the two students also traded slaps in the incident at Sekolah Menengah Perlis here.
District police chief Superintendent Yusof Mohd Diah said the teacher was kicked in the belly about two to three times during the incident.

"The teacher had advised the students about something that was written in a report which they submitted."

Azhana had no physical injuries, but she was traumatised.

She was accompanied by two other teachers when she lodged a report at the Kangar district police station.

The teacher had taught in Johor for five years before being transferred to Perlis in January.

The case comes in the wake of several disciplinary cases which occurred at the same school since last year.

There was also a case of lewd behaviour last year involving two students.

Just three days before, the school's principal was given a warning by the education authorities concerning a complaint lodged by a group of parents.

Parents of eight Muslim students, who were part of the school's brass band, claimed the school had directed their children to participate in a religious festival organised by a Taoist temple here.

This prompted the state Education Department to issue a warning to the principal, asking him to be more sensitive of the pupils' religious differences.

Meanwhile, a teacher who accompanied Azhana to the police station said the latter was traumatised.

"She was shaken when she came into the teachers' room for help. We then drove her to the police station."

The teacher, who declined to be named, said other students were called in to gang up on the teacher during the incident.

Azhana had apparently asked the two students to submit their physics folio assignment several times, but to no avail.

When the students did submit their reports, they had written gila babi (crazy swine) which was aimed at Azhana.

It is learnt that the words were written at the back cover of the report.

Azhana then questioned the students in front of a Form One class yesterday morning. A fight broke out after the teacher tried to advise the students and the incident was recorded on a student's handphone.

When contacted, state Education Department director Mansor Lat said a full report would be sought from the school.

Taken from: (The New Straits Times On-line, 17/10/2008)

n.b. Wargh!!!!!!!! That was my first impression when I read this article... I can't believe my eyes when I read this... Isk.. what happened to our "pemudi" nowadays huhuh scary though.. they are only 14.... not 41 but they acted as if they were bigger and older than the teacher... I thought my generation of students are already bad... but this has put BAD to another level huhuh scary..scary..scary... Adakah budak-budak tersebut ahli martial art?? Hisk kicked and slapped the teacher... amboi... what's wrong with them herm?? There must be something wrong.. did the teacher provoked them?? Maybe the authorities should investigate furthere... Herm... but overall I'm not saying that the girls have the right to do such thing to the teacher... just that we can't hear from one side only... yeah that's right... Even killers have their rights... herm kalau aku kena sepak dengan anak murid apa akan aku buat agaknya??? Sepak balik kot hahahhahaha no lah.. I myself don't know what will I do.. huhuh :P


alonq_exe said...

OMG! What on earth is wrong with the students nowadays.

Hijrah said...

marah betul bile org bace article tu sebenarnye. sekarang ni, diorang banyak cakap pasal 'rights'. everyone have rights, including the students and we have to take into account their feelings, emotional development etcetera before we do anything to them. said that it's going to scar them psychologically and everything but bile murid2 yang 'precious' sgt ni buat bende macam ni, takkan nak salahkan cikgu lagi kut?
everyone is suing teachers left and right dan skrang rase macam jadik cikgu ni cuma menunggu mase je untuk di screw mase kite cuba buat kerja kite. education system skrang is an unsympathetic cycle of abuses to teachers who are just trying to do what we ought to do: teach. but how can we do our job when everyone else is glorifying the students and forgetting who is carrying most of the burden.
bullshit la budak2 dalam article ni. and i don't think there's another side of the story. okay, maybe the teacher is not as effective as she would've hoped but tulis 'gila babi' in report? siape tak marah??? that's utter disrespect and whoever try to defend the girls' action should be shot on the spot.

...alamak. emosi la plak. hahaha, sori, emi sayang!

Anonymous said...

Jom blaja silat..
masih belum terlambat tu..

Warid @ Qohar said...

betul betul betul (upin and ipin's style) jom belajar silat suhaimi,

Sapixx said...

apa nak jadi ngan bebudak skrg ni.

Anonymous said...


mana de martial art ajar org jd sombong x hormat cikgu..

yg buat cam tu mesti blaja dari tok guru songsang haha

guru nih..manusia biasa..ada ego ada perasaan

so kalau cikgu tu tengang balik pun bkn 100 % salah dia

dulu2 skolah aku biasa jer cikgu betumbuk ngan bebudak laki la

abih la generasi masa depan

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

along: well that is our so called "pemudi" tiang negara huhu

hijrah: nvr mind do express urself xde mslh but plez minimize the not so nice words hahahaha

ibnulazim & warid: herm tue lah i think i need to consider learning a martial art huhu silat? herm tgoklah kan...

sapixx & kuda besi: herm i know it is weird right? kalo guru laki bertumbuk dgn pljr laki tue it is not a new thing lah kan mcm x pelik nie bdk pompuan plak.. huhu ye btoi guru pon manusai biasa stuju huh x bley salahkan cikgu jek huhuh

Shihyou said...

im going to make a prison cell out of my class. yeay!

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

wargh sekolah shihyou aka bob akan ada prison cell?? xmo2 huhuhh