Thursday, 16 October 2008

~Merajuk Ku Bukan Lama~

Today is THE DAY for our LAC Presentation.. overall it was great and I think we have done our best but I think I have done a few mistakes while presenting (There this one part that I explained differently from what we have discussed before and I did stuttered a little bitEmoticon 2). As I was typing this entry I have already read all the feedbacks given by my friends who have been good listeners hhuhuh lots of comments given (though few of them write as if they don't want to write anything herm....). Ayunni, Yasmin and I was the first group to get the ball rolling. Well I was the one who wished to go first but I don't expect that my wish will become true.. pity Yasmin as she was hoping that we will not be the first group presenting black cathuhuhu Sorry Meng..Meng... .

Ok stop with today presentation, now back to the title of the entry... well this morning as our group was preparing to present I was busy with the computer and our slides (herm busy sangat kah?) I was making a last check up before our presentation I realise that there isn't any chair there, so I asked to this particular girl (you know who you areemoticon) if I can take the chair near to her group.. herm do you know what did she did??...she make a joke out of it... Well as I was in a hurry and scared a little bit (of course-lah 1st group.. what do you think??)... and also I was not in the right state of mind...I became mad at her (and the whole group I think for being so chicky at the wrong time).. well I become bitter .. so I just snap at her... Serve her right I think... then she just said "Buat lawak pagi-pagi pun tak boleh"....or something like that...I just can't listen clearly because I ignored her... It is not that she can't make a joke in the morning or what ever... It is just the timing was not right.. Didn't she see me busy with the computer and preparing our slides?? Didn't she see there isn't any chair near the computer and it is much better if there is one so that people who will be handling it can sit down? or is it just that she being just plain ignorant?? Through out the day I went on sulking on them...ignoring them...

But when I went back home... I felt miserable for acting that way... I know..I know... I'm popular for being too emotional... but lately things has been bad for me.. Life most probably had been treating me badly... I'm just hanging on the line right now... yes most of you might see me being a happy guy... not much a problem.. but deep down I'm just A GUY... no more that that.. I can break down when I feel the pressure.. but I wouldn't show it to you... My family just lost a member that we love so much... I'm in the pressure of assigments... Having a bad relationship with someone... everything is up side down nowadays... So when I'm being bitter just bare with me...and try to understand me.. When I'm sulking just let me be.. don't call me.. don't add oil to the fire... After a while I will cool down and then it will be okay... Gosh... how I miss my mum soooooooooooooooooo mmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Down here is just a vid... relating to "merajuk" hahaha I don't know why suddenly I feel that I want to listen to traditional song... very classic of me...

:: BTW I don't ask anyone to "pujuk" me ::


1) Moral of the story... don't mess with a person who was busy preparing to present their presentation...

2) Jangan lah emotional sangat Suhaimi nanti ko jugak yang merana huhuhu xp

3) Herm merajuk... The other day someone was "merajuk" with me... Then we did not talk for a few days.. well yesterday I greet that person...and it feel awkward though.. hope it wouldn't be long... cause I just miss the old days..before that person "merajuk" with me.


.:. syafwah .:. said...

I am not a big fan of one.For me, it hurts our relationship with those we care. Life is hard. The world is hard. No place for people who love to merajuk/sulking.
Selemah-lemah iman (ke kasih sayang, xsure) is to berlapang dada...
Org yg kuat iman & taqwa nya x kan mudah 'panas' dgn manusia lain.
Humans are different, so they act differently. We may not like how they behave, but we must realize that we, ourselves are not perfect too.

zatiMJ said...

think back when u r in ur mood to tease others. u know la ur mulut bole 'tahan' jgk bl usik org. Do they 'merajuk' with u? Do they 'terasa' and ignore u? Maybe at that time, the person that has been teased miserable jgk ker life die, u dont even know. Aku mampus tak layan merajuk2 nie. Lain la kalo aku wat slh ngn org tu. Benda kecik2 wat benda nak merajuk. 1 more thing, perasan tak, slalu kalo merajuk we tend to merajuk dgn org yg rapat ngn kite. Agak2 kalo la org laen yg xbape rapat ngn ko wat lawak ngn ko pagi2 tu, agak2 ko merajuk/ignore die tak? I think nope.

u have experience of people merajuk with u n not talking to u few days. U said it's awkward. n that's how people feel when u merajuk with them. Kalo lah org yg ko merajuk tu jenis simpan dlm, i believe things wont be the same anymore in the future. Tat's life. Bertolak ansur bkn saje dr segi perbuatan, perasaan jgk. Sudah2 la dgn merajuk tu. cemarkan hubungn saje. Kalo lepas ni ko merajuk ngn aku lepas baca komen aku ni, aku tau la kenapa. haha. Anyway, takziah to u n ur family. Al-fatihah utk arwah. Maaf andai terkasar.

p/s-Kite nak sgt org laen faham perasaan kite, tp kadang2 kite slalu terlupa utk menjaga perasaan org.

Alice said...

emy...sorry. :(
insyaALLAH tak buat lagi......kot.