Saturday, 19 July 2008

Kasih Ayah Membawa Bahagia, Kasih Ibu Membawa ke BANG BANG BOOM....

Okay before I start with anything... why don't you have a look at this video firstpleeasse


Ain't it funny???? NO it is not..well I am surprised that they are willing to do such prank and I am little bit surprised that there is actually a mother (lebih-lebih lagi seorang ibu Melayu) who is willing to do those kind of things to her children... and the father also conspired alongno ..isk..isk.. but one thing for sure.... it make me remember all the wrong doings that I have done to my mum.

Well being the only son in the family... I was a little bit naughty I think... but because my late father was a very strict person huhuh my naughtiness is under control... I still remember that he is the person who is very cool but when he gets angry with us (I mean Me and my siblings) there are lots of punishments that he have in mind. Kena ikat kat pokok kelapa (my sister kena), kena tambat macam kambing di pondok bas (again my sister), kena sebat dengan rotan, tali pinggang, etc..etc..etc.. (this most of our siblings experienced it), kena kurung dalam reban ayam malam-malam buta (I think I am the only person yang kena), kena tidur di luar rumah malam-malam (again only me)... well there are more but I just can't remember most of them or I do not want to remember?? huhuhu. But there is always this one person who always come to save us... my dear MUM... Well she was the one who opened the door in the middle of the night after my dad went to sleep and the one who save me from being strangle by a python in the middle of the night in the chicken coop (not that there was any but before I been sentenced for a night imprisonment in the chicken coop there a was a case where a python ate up our chickens and I can still remember the python that my dad managed to kill)... yes MAK...IBU...UMMI...MUM...MUMMY...AH MA... always there for me... But being a kid (not matured enough) I always do things that will make my mum SAKIT HATI with me....but she is always there for me....

Erm okay back to the video... erm to all kanak-kanak out there don't be naughty and give your mum a big headache... or she will KENA kan you all just like the mother in the video.... Syukur Alhamdulillah during my naughty periods they don't have such thing like Bang Bang Boom...if not I will kena BANG BANG BOOM by my own mum hahahahhahahahha

p/s: Actually still nakal a.k.a naughty.. but with a juice of matureness hahahhaha Okay mak Peace!!! peace


Nurul Saqinah bt Abdul Razak said...

i agree with u..whatever the intention was, d mum shouldn't 'bang' her children like that.matlamat tak menghalalkan cara, betul tak..dilarang menipu walaupun dalam bergurau..
lagipun nanti kalau dah betul2 sakit, orang dah malas nak percaya..ish3..

Alice said...

ishh..panik aku kalau mak aku buat macam ne..mau aku pulak terus kojol..hahaha..tapi betul ckp chicky tuh..byk lagi cara mengajar anak2 yang lain..