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~5 Weirdest, Wackiest, and Funniest Things That Happened to Me During Ramadan~

Ohai..ohai..ohaihello...(tiru Bob lah pula)...hehhehe... ok..ok.. Dear readers... it is time to go down the memory lane...Yes after reading Faiz's entry on his past Ramadan it make me remind myself on my own past Ramadan. So here it is the 5 weirdest, wackiest and funniest things happen to me in the month of Ramadan ~
  1. We start while I was in kindergarten...the age where I started to learn to fast. As a small child who is learning to fast it was very challenging for me..Well my parents did not want me to start fasting for half day like my friends, they want me to fast the whole day..from dawn to dusk.. One of my duty when it is near Maghrib was to send food to our next neighbour..Pak Hamid (he is a generous man..always give me money when I send the foodpeace)...There this one day where I was very hungry and tired (feel like I'm going to diePhotobucket) that day..when my mother called me to send the food next door I have already think the unthinkable... Instead of sending the food next door, I sneak to the clinic (erm my mum was a Bidan Kampung so our house during that time was in a clinic or RBK ~Rumah Bidan Kerajaan) and help my self to the food..but I was unfortunate because my late father caught me in you must know what happened next..kena belasah lah apa lagiPhotobucket. After that I learn my lesson..jangan tak puasa..puasa..hantar makanan kepada Pak Hamid..jangan curi makan.
  2. I still remember during Ramadan I always follow my late father to the mosque after performing Maghrib in the house for Isyak and Tarawikh. My father like to go to the main mosque of the village for this occasion and the mosque is very far from our house, if you want to walk there it will take you about 30 minutes., we wnt there by motorcycle Once there this Malay drama which was very interesting (kalau tak salah tajuk dia Puding Roti, Kari Ayam) and my friends in school always talk about it. The bad thing was that the drama was played during the Isyak and Tarawikh time. I managed to skip few days of Tarawikh for the sake of this drama..but on the finale my father insisted for me to go fro Isyak and Tarawikh with him. I was really mad at him at that time and put a long face on him...but nothing can come over my father's instruction... if he ask to do it he really mean it. But I was a stubborn little boy, just like his father, after Isyak I sneak out from the mosque and walk back home.Photobucket Yes, I took the 30 minutes walk just to watch the final episode. The journey was nothing compared to my determination to watch it. I manage to watch the final episode but soon after the drama finish I fell asleep. My father was really afraid that I was not in the mosque when he want to go home...huhu buat susah ayah je masa tue..nasib baiklah tertidur kalau tak mesti dah kena penangan dah....p/s: forget to tell you I have to go pass an eery graveyard huhuh takut!!!
  3. Do you still remember Malam Tujuh Likur (7 Last Night of Ramadan)??? Yes the nights where people will be eager to brighten their houses with pelita (oil lamp). I like to help my father to fill up the lamps with kerosene. But one day we were run out of it. Instead of buying more kerosene I just put petrol as a substitute...without my father knowing it...hahhaha.. At the end when my father want to lit the lamp..the fire burst out and the lamp melt down Photobucket(we use plastic lamps) huhuhuh luckily only one lamp melt down and no one got hurt...I was scolded by my father and that night our house was the darkest in the village (rasa-rasanya lah kot).
  4. In form four, Ramadan fall during the school holiday...and I was really bored tat hat time. Don't know what to do. One of the villager who is my mother's friend is an IKS (Industri Kecil dan Sederhana) entrepreneur open a shop (erm gerai macam gempak habis) in Bazar Ramadan ... So I decided to work with her.. My job was to jaga the gerai and my shift started from 9.00 am till 2.00 pm. I think it was cool because I can get some extra money during the holiday. Back to the story, as usual working during the fasting month was full of challenges... Lagi-lagi if you have to work in the bazar...well at first it was okay but lama-lama it become boring especially when there is no one coming to your gerai... at the end I sleep..but one day I was caught sleeping ehhh...hehehhe.. "Owh..makan gaji buta ye kau Mie??" in a cynical tone by the owner of the gerai...MALU..ASHAME of myself..but she was forgiving..Nasib baiklah kawan mak..if not I will be sacked immediately.
  5. Lastly, when I was in form 5. When it was SPM fever in 2004. I was a hostel boy back then, a very good one..never ever I bring any trouble to the warden and admin ...yelah sangat tuePhotobucket...ok it is kind a legacy thing that when SPM students of our hostel to go outside and have makan-makan while they were in the hostel during SPM..or what we call FLY...So being a traditional person.. I do not want to miss being part of the legacy. So I become the mastermind in creating our escape plan from the hostel to the city to open our fast over there (mind you I never involve myself in such thing...kawan-kawan lain pernah lah buat)..but as the old people said "sepandai-pandai tupai melompat jatuh ke tanah juga" . We got caught by the warden... and I was sacked from the hostel that night with my two other friends. The next day my mum had to come to the hostel to jemput me personally back home...she was very quiet but I know I have dissaponted her... Yes very cruel indeed that punishment... I have to stay outside at my home during SPM (sempat jawab paper Add Math je masa tue.. subjek yang warden tu ajar pula tu nasib baiklah) which is very difficult because the house is pretty far from school and we don't have any personal transportation at that mum have to send me to school early morning for exam...But Alhamdulillah I manage to get a pretty good result for my SPM..not a scorer but I can be proud of it..and make my mum proud..That was so long time ago..when I think about it again...I laugh my heart out..yelah zaman budak-budak sekolah lagikan...
So there you have it, 5 weirdest, wackiest and funniest things that happened to me in my past Ramadan. so how about you??

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ayu bistari said...

emy sangat nakalnya..paling teruk sebab nak catch up the drama..sabggup lalu kubur tuh..
huhu..mesti dalam hati dok baca 3 'qul' waktu tu kan?

pastu..mcm mana la boleh letak petrol nie? nasib baik tak terbakar satu rumah..aduyaii..lawak2.. kalau ayu jadi ayah emy, dah lama suruh emy minum petrol tuh.. lalalala