Tuesday, 21 April 2009

:: New Term New Experience ::

Assalamualaikum and Hola to all....

After two weeks of Easter Holidays... We Marjonian Cohort 4 are now busy with classes. Now, this term we kick-start with a full class. Although currently we have only two subjects, life is a little bit busy due to School Experience placement. For 5 weeks we will be having two days a week school experience. I bet this time it also going to be great just like last year. Last time, for the school placement I was grouped with Nabilah, KB and Mira and I was paired with Mira in one classroom. This year I was paired with Zati only. I like going to England primary schools and have a look on the school and the education system over here. But I still think Malaysian schools are not that far from schools over here. Reasons? This entry is not about that. Maybe another time.

I'm looking forwards to Steve's class. Learning about challenging circumstances in teaching English. Herm... Hope that through this subject I can be prepared for my future teaching profession. Furthermore, Steve himself is a great lecturer. He has a knack in making a lesson interesting and fun. Micheal Hall's subject Comparative Education is rather technical for me. It is hard for me to understand it and I myself have to understand not only Malaysian education but also England and a few other countries education system. The assignment itself is a little bit difficult I think. But hey learning about other countries education system will be fun (I hope!).

Ok that's all for now about my current life. Bye..bye...

p/s: Esok g sekolah!!! yeah!!!

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Alice said...

selamat pagi..eh, good morning MR SUHAIMI!! eh eh bukan.. MORRRNING LOVEELIESS!~ haha