Sunday, 19 April 2009

Home-Made Pandan Kaya.

One of my favourite breakfast during my hostel years in secondary school is bread with butter and Kaya. For a few months I have been craving for it. Want to buy kaya from the Continental Shop but it seems that they ran out of stock. So I decided to make my own home-made kaya. Although it doesn't have the motherly taste but I have to say IT taste like a KAYA. Feel free to try to make your own and save some money from buying it from the shop.

Home-Made Pandan Kaya.


Part A.
3 - 4 chicken eggs depending on the size.
300 ml of coconut milk.
240 gm of sugar.
A few drop of Pandan paste (if you want a caramel Kaya chuck this one out).

Part B. (The Caramel)
100 gm sugar.
150 ml or 2/3 cup of hot water.

  1. Combine all the ingredients in Part A together in a bowl and whisk thoroughly until all the sugar dissolve. Then sieve it into a pot.
  2. Then make the caramel. Put the sugar in a small pot and dissolve it on a small fire without the water first. When it turn into a brownish liquid add the hot water and keep on mixing it. Then switch of the fire.
  3. Combine Part A and B together and whisk both ingredient on small fire. Keep whisking until the Kaya thicken.
p/s: If you having problem to thicken the Kaya just add a little of corn-flour mixed with cold water. That what I did hehehehe

The recipe was taken from here:


Syaza said...

nak sikit~~ ^^

azarsyafiq said...

suhaimi nak jugak...

zatiMJ said...

uit da siap kaya ang. kot nak antaq sini sket. isk2. baju aku mane emy? huhu

pokjak said...

ler ko ke yang masak. ak ingtkn bashir lol :)

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

kpd yg nk kaya tue.. resepi ada tue g lah wat sndiri x susah... trust me... and jat yup I made the kaya huhuh