Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Nescafe + Salt = The BEST Nescafe Ever.

Have you ever taste the best Nescafe? I think I have. I was reading a funny love story of a guy who drinks coffee with salt rather than sugar. Then it strucks in my mind, does it taste better with salt?. So out of curiosity, I try to make a coffee with salt. Ok not totally on salt lah.. if not high blood pressure after that. And I can't find pure coffee in our kitchen but hey there's Nescafe and I think that will do. The taste is different from the ordinary Nescafe sweetened by sugar only. Adding a pinch of salt make the aroma better and the taste of coffee emerge stronger on your pallet..owhhhh for someone who is not a coffeeholic this version of Nescafe is just like ...ermmm heaven??? (tooo much I think hehhehe) But still the taste is much better for me. Just to warn everyone, don't drink too much of this version of Nescafe, too much salt in your blood is bad for the health. You can try it once a while but not everytime you have your glass of caffein. Ok then Ja~naa :D

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minimainimira said...

thanks for sharing this with me ,the coffee addict!