Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dang!!! You are old mate.... uuhhuhuh

While working in the iVillage today, there this three people who were sitting in-front of me. I just can't strain myself from ear-dropping into their conversation. Ok this is soooo not me.. the reason was they are just totally NEAR + IN-FRONT OF me.. plus they were talking loudly. Ok why do I need to justify myself? hehehhe ok... back to the topic. Actually the thing they were talking was interesting heheheh down here is just a reconstruction of their conversation...

Guy 1: What course are you taking?
Guy 2: Herm..bla bla bla bla * I can't remember what the courses are.
Guy 1: I did those in my second year.
Guy 2: Oh yeah? Did you? How old are?
Guy 1: 20. How bout you? *talking to the the girl
Girl : 20...
Guy 1 : You? *talking to Guy 2
Girl : This guy is a baby...>chuckle< heheh >hugging Guy 2< he is just 19... *tergedik-gedik geli plak... aku tgok.
Guy 1 : You're 19? >laughing< ahhahah
Guy 2 : Yeah... >laughing< hahahah

Ok looking at this three people I have to say they are more mature than their real age. I'm just surprised to know their real age... they don't look like 20 and 19 years old people more like 25 I think. They are big ( I mean not FAT big) and tall. If compared with me well huhu I look old and I AM old and I'm not that tall... This year i'm going to be 22 years old huhuh. Look at them they're young.. and I'm OLD arghhhhhhh!!!

p/s: What is the purpose of this entry? I myself can't find the answer.... huhuhuhuhu

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