Thursday, 19 March 2009

After SPM: Make It OR Break It.

The 2008 SPM results are already out and I'm sure that right now most of the candidates are busy applying to further their study. After SPM is the point of your life where you have to think about the future (for us Malaysian). It is either you make it of break it. Sometimes it is kind of weird to think that our future is determine on how good is the result of our exam. But, there are still lots of people outside there who prove it is wrong to determine a future of someone base on their exam grades. But hey that is just how the world works.

Back to the topic. For those who got flying colours result for their SPM, applying to further their education in the courses that they really want seems like a breeze...or not? Each year the number of those who get straight As or GOOD result for SPM increase. This means that the competition for them to get their most sought after courses (like medicine, biology etc..etc....) is harder. For those who obtained ordinary result they have to think harder in order to apply. My sister is also part this people right now. She just got her result a few weeks before. She didn't get a straight As result but overall she did well.... Alhamdulillah.. I called home a few days back and ask her what she want to apply to further her study. She really didn't know what to apply but she does have a few courses in mind. So as someone who been in her shoes before I gave her a few word of advice that I myself use before. These are few advices that I gave to her.
  1. Follow your dream - Life is about fulfilling your dream. I told her not to blindly select a course base on what people tell you to do. You are the one who should make your own life. I just hope that she will choose a course that she will not regret at the end and enjoy learning. and learning is all about things that you enjoy right?
  2. Be realistic - Yes we can dream as much as we want but we must be realistic. The real world is cruel and YES we can't be everything that we want. I told her that she must be realistic with what courses that she want to apply. Look back at her SPM result and choose courses that in-line with her SPM result.
  3. Ask Mum's opinion - I know that my mum is someone who believes in the choice made by her children but asking the opinion from a mother will not hurt you. Although she might not know much of the current education situation but she is the one who have all the experiences. Furthermore, it is kind like "mengambil restu dan berkat".
  4. Think about the future - I told her that nowadays to find a job is not easy and lots of graduated students still looking for job. I ask her try to look for a course where it have a demand for workforce. So that in the future it will be easy for her to find a job... InsyaAllah.
I know she will make the right choice. And I would like to share my simple advice to all of those who are looking forward to further their study. Good luck to all of you.


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