Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Those were yesterdays~

An advice to all students out there~~Think before you act.

Come on, it's just homework

BACK in secondary school, my friends and I were not really part of the "in" crowd. Our only pleasures were playing video games, gawking at pretty girls from a safe distance and reading comic books. We were failures at sports. We didn't have girlfriends. We were the losers, the nerds.

Students who are mature and  hard working will form the foundation of society.
Students who are mature and hard working will form the foundation of society.
 These students are the future of the country.
These students are the future of the country.

"Hey look at that girl! She's hot!" exclaimed one of my friends after school assembly one morning while wiping snot with his dirty handkerchief.

"Ask her out then," I replied, "you've been talking about her for weeks."

"Nah..." retorted my friend, ending our ridiculously weak excuse for a conversation with that one simple word. That was only the tip of the how-boring-life-at-school-could-be iceberg.

But it was not all bad. We had teachers who could make the day our best, or worst, depending on whether you'd done your homework.

My history teacher, let's call her Puan 'R', was a prime example. She could be terrifying, or she could be nice to her students. Usually by the end of each class, she would hand us raft of homework to be done by the next day. The only way to get out of it was to call in sick.

As for the completed assignments, some would get a pat on the back for a good job, or an earsplitting smack on the back if it wasn't.

But despite cowering in fear, none of us held a grudge against the teacher. It was our fault we were not studious, and her punishment was not maliciously intended.

Puan R's ability to bring out the best in her students made her one of the popular teachers in school.

So I was startled by a recent news report from Segamat.

A student is believed to have tried to burn his teacher's brand new car after she scolded him for not doing his homework. The teacher said she would never have thought that a student could do such a terrible thing.

"I'm not fierce with my students," she was quoted as saying.

The student could now be hauled to court on a criminal charge and be locked up for up to two years. A record that will follow him for life.

I'm no expert in psychology and (geek mode alert!) I can't offer sage advice like Yoda to his Padawans.

But here is my two cent worth to all pimply, angst-ridden students, just take things in your stride. Everyone has difficulties in life, be they prince or pauper.

Learn to be patient, anger is not the answer to problems. Being scolded over a simple thing is not a reason to commit a crime. Come on boys and girls, it's just homework.

Taken from: NST Online - My Johor


kudabesi said...

let me be the prince..

they be the pauper..

regret should them..burning their own teacher brand new car

how could damn u?

teacher should burn the student head


Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

huhu tue org kapitalis nk sng sorg huhuh btw we r teacher huh kena byk sbr jgn lah mgamuk x tntu psl huh malu profession nie wei :D