Sunday, 7 April 2013



Dear readers (if I still have any hehehehe),

It has been long since I neglected this blog... my last entry is when I got to know my posting back in 2011... wowwwww! More than two years I have abandoned this dusty and cobweb infested blog... Sorry blog.. being posted in  that rural area where internet connection is rather slow would dampened one's interest in blogging...

But hey! I am now in a place where the internet connection is stable.. now I can come up with my blog again insyaAllah... :) ok just a starter after 2 years ++ hiatus

Just wait for my next entry :D

p/s: been feeling that I need a place to pour out my feeling lately... hence the post hahahha


Azimah Zulkafli said...

looks like i'm not the only one doing the cleaning.

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

hahaha been long since posted any... :P