Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pumpkin I'm Sorry

Yesterday I have done damage to my Pumpkin.... Just sent her to her spa.. and then I put her in misery... Owh Pumpkin I'm really sorry.. as I'm still trying to know how to handle you better.. next time I'll be more careful for both of our sake... :( and to the owner of the black car you selfishness has put me in such situation.. arghhhhh!!! On some level I blame you for your idiocy... >:(

p/s: Money..money..money..terbang lg... haihhhhh~~


Alice said...

alalalalaalala..comeynya nama pumpkin!!!! cam panggil anak je! haha.

tapi weh, teruk jugah ye. habis scratch smpai bawah. idiot2..eh bukan ko, owner black car. haha

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

entah lah Nad.. duit bergrk mcm air sbb keta nie.. bnde2 utk diri sndiri ponx de lah brp sgt di beli nye