Saturday, 20 June 2009

:: Transformer 2 - Revenge of the Fallen ::

IT was SOOOO DAMN GREAT!!! 6.35 pound is really worth it. Ok for those who's wondering how come I have watched it, here is the explanation... UK was the world second premier (just a day later after NZ). All the thumbs-up for Michael Bay for such a great masterpiece. For me this movie have everything.. action, sadness, humor, conflict, love, lust, war, torn you name it!!! The story line was not that fast but still it keep you on your seat, making you want to ask for more and when it end you wouldn't realise that you have spent a full 2 and a half hour of your life marvelling at it. The fued between the Autobots and Decepticons were raised to the next level. New Autobots and Decepticons add lots of flovour to the story. For those who love military stuff you will get a few glimpses of the army thingy (sorry guys I'm not really an expert on military toys). 5 stars I would say for a such great movie; an epic in filem industry. No more rambling and no more things to be said. Because I don't want to be a spoiler. For those who wanted to go to the cinema... I would like to give you an advice, ditch all the other movies out there and buy yourself a ticket to TRANSFORMER 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. It's worth all the money that you spend on it.

p/s: I AM totally going to watch this movie again and again just like I did with the first Transformer movie. So anyone wants to go and watch it. Just give me a ring. Ja~Naa. ay

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awatif 'adilah atan said...

ape kate kalau ko rs nk g tgk lagi, ajak aku and housemates. :P