Saturday, 6 June 2009

:: Last Day as Student IT Support in i-Village in Marjon ::

:: I will be hanging this t-shirt after this ::

Today is the last day I will be working as a Student IT Support (SITS) in the iVillage Marjon. Yup.. my contract now has ended. I will be missing all the time I spend over here. It has been a great experience for me. Handling computer and ICT stuff, learning new things, meeting new people, helping people who are having problem with ICT stuff... It has been a great pleasure for me.

:: My working station ::

Working as SITS is not hard at all. Most of the time I will just sit at my station and wait for people to ask for my help when they need it. Occasionally I have to refill the paper in the printers and that's all. I even have the time to do my assignments while working..which is great heheh That's why I love working over here. A part from the nature of the work itself which is very convenient for me, the prospect of the payment that I receive is also very appealing to me hehehe. For the demand of the work in compare with the payment, I would have to say it is easy money for me.

:: With my supervisor, Alison, she has been great and helpful ::

But I didn't work for the sake of the money [It is only part of it heheheeh]. Well for a foreign students, when you work in UK you will gain valuable experience that you will not trade with anything else. Meeting new people, making new friends and learn how people work in UK is just a part of it.

Herm totally going to miss working over here, but hey.. it is good timing also as I'll be busy focusing on my dissertation after this.


azarsyafiq said...

cmne kalo aku lak nk smbung contract ko??huhu

Suhaimi Abd Wahid said...

huhu bley jek tp kena apply ah pastu ada interview huhuhu nasib2 jek dpt coz dia amek dlm 5 org jek setahun huhuh :D