Wednesday, 12 November 2008

~Sakaratul Maut~

Okay what happened with our society right now???... The issue was about "Sajak Kematian: Sakaratulmaut" being showed to Year 1 and 2 children in one school in Malaysia... The reason for the religious teacher to show them such video was just to make them aware of the importance to perform the 5 daily solat and to be a good muslim... weird ain't it??? some of the parents said that it is not suitable for these children.. Toward certain extent it might be true that it is not suitable for them. Reason? Just because it shows lots of frightening images of how Barzakh life going to be for those who commit a lot of sins... But it is the truth.. it is in the Quran... THAT IS THE REALITY... Personally for me, using this method is a good way for them to understand how Barzakh life going to be... Just a mere story telling session will not be sufficient for them to really understand it... They need the images so that they can relate to it. Kalau setakat dengar cerita masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri lah...

So why some parents disagree with such good effort from the teacher?? Well from my few hours of YouTubing and reading MalaysiaKini and other internet sources... I can conclude over here that most of them feel that it is not suitable for such young minds as it will disturb them psychologically... Saying that their children having bad IMAGES in their mind... their behaviour changed... I wonder what kind of IMAGES that "her" (because there this one so called really CONCERNED MOTHER who make a report in TV3 Buletin Utama) child having and what kind of behaviour that changed??? If the child says that images of frightening Barzakh life... that will be great... As they will always remember about death... Mengingati mati itu mendekatkan kita kepada Tuhan... but this is onley a video of SAKARATULMAUT and parents have make a lot of fuss about it... but when the television stations and cinemas played lots of ghost, thriller, horror, full of blood, torture and etc... etc... they did not make any fuss on them.. I'm sure of it because our telly is full of it right??? Kekasih Ku Seru (which I really like hahahah), Anak Pontianak, Puaka Niyang Rapik and the list go on... I bet some of them just let their children watch it with them, sitting cosily in a couch screaming together when the ghost appear... Why they didn't bring it to the ministry??? Another weird thing right?

Okay the only problem was that the vid was shown to Year 1 and 2 children.. and the parents are just being overly concern about their children psychological development... Hey to tell you the truth... That video had existed a long time ago...during my primary schooling time I think or maybe older than that... and I think there are lots of children from my era that had watched it.... Exhibit A... Me myself...and I think my psychological development is just all right??? I haven't been turned into a psycho from just watching it during my primary years... To overcome the horrible imaginations and behaviour of the children (if it REALLLY..REALLY need help).. the parents just need to explain it to them.. yes that's it just explain..and I think InsyaAllah they will understand it...

I'm tired of thinking this small issue.. people can say what they want to say but I still think if we want to teach them.. it is better to start it from now.. when they are still young and when we are still able to "rotan" and give lecture to them when they become teenagers it will be hard to remind them about this... trust me.. "Melentur Buluh Biarlah dari Rebingnya"

This is a comment by an Ustaz and Motivation Expert huhu let us ponder together

So guys to cap all of this let us watch this video and remind ourself about the after life (Barzakh)... Semoga kita menjadi insan yang soleh dan beramal kerana Allah SWT... InsyaAllah...

  1. TV3 pon sama salah kecoh2 kan isu nie.. herm saje jek lah tue nak naikkan rating penonton hehhehe:aduhai:
  2. Menteri Pendidikan kita pun cepatnya melatah... Keluarkan statement dengan selamber nya.. hai apa nak jadi nie....
  3. erm nak share satu comment dr YouTube huh mmg lawak gila lah ahahha :waa_waa:hahahhaha
    "video nih sesuai utk para menteri dan memang sungguh tidak sesuai untuk pelajar sebab pelajar2 terlibat dlm gejala sosial,bukannay terlibat dlm rasuah atau penyelewengan. patut lah pak2 menteri semuanya boikot video nih patut setiap hari ditayangankan sebelum parlimen bermula dan pada apa2 saja la mesyuarat yg melibatkan pak menteri..mmg sesuai dgn MENTERI2 di malaysia!!!!"


Anonymous said...

This issue makes me emo..
memang dah nak kiamat dah kita ni.. huhuhu

SangKunang said...

isu ni mula dikecah kecohkan oleh para ibu bapak yg berpendirian agak liberal lagi kaya raya.
mereka gusar anak2 mereka ditakut2kan oleh paparan2 yg berbentuk penginsafan..takut barzakh.
macam laa orang kaya raya x masuk alam barzakh..!

menteri pun satu hal.
oh hishamudin!
dari dulu lagi aku x suka hishamudin jadi menteri pelajaran. bikin kecoh je. kes guru pukul pelajar dulu pun dia cepat melatah jugak. ada ke patut wat statement
"guru semakin bermaharajalela pukul pelajar"...
x bekap guru langsung.
cakap je lebih hishamudin ni.
orang gertak sikit mula laa kelam kabut. kes keris pemuda umno pun sama. masa hunus berapi2, orang kritik gelabah nak mintak maaf.
ni laa jadi nya bila menteri yg pegang sesuatu potfolio tu bukan dari bidang sepatutnya..

kpd ustaz yg terlibat dalam kes video ni, jangan cepat mengalah sebab ustaz x salah...

pokjak said...
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pokjak said...

huh ni la what happen when Islam became Liberal.. there is no such thing as Islam Liberal..

There is no wrong doing if teacher want to show such video.. its not violence as it is the truth face by the sinner in Alam Barzakh..

I think la mi, mybe the parents themselves afraid to watch the video la mi heh2