Saturday, 1 November 2008

~Tempe oh Tempe~

"Orang Jawa dengan tempe memang tak boleh dipisahkan"

That what most Javanese people would say..and I think it is true.. I'm not a pure Javanese as my mum is a Bugis...but I think it is also apply to me. Some of you might be wondering what the heck is tempe.. According to , "Tempeh is a fermented food made by the controlled fermentation of cooked soybeans with a Rhizopus mold (tempeh starter). The tempeh fermentation by the Rhizopus mold binds the soybeans into a compact white cake. Tempeh has been a favorite food and staple source of protein in Indonesia (and Malaysia of course) for several hundred years. But tempeh is now rapidly becoming more popular all over the world as people look for ways to increase their intake of soybeans and isoflavones. They discover tempeh's versatility and delicious taste. Especially vegetarians and vegans find the structure and protein content interesting. Tempeh has a firm texture and a nutty mushroom flavour. Tempeh can be used in different ways. Normally tempeh is sliced and fried until the surface is crisp and golden brown or tempeh can be used as ingredient in soups, spreads, salads and sandwiches." ok.. done with the brief introduction on tempe if you want to know more just click here.

Back to business... Okay for our open house last 26th October 2006 I made my own tempe (sebab nye saya dah kemaruk nak makan sambal tempe Dribble Emoticon )... to cook another Malay/Jawa delicacies...which I will post in another entry. Down here are two pictures of the tempe-s that I made...

During the fermentation stage. I put all the tempe in my hand luggage
and chuck it under my bed emoticon heheh

Ta-daa!!! Tempe!!!! emoticon

Alhamdulillah all the tempe fermented nicely and none of it turn bad...Maybe due to my excessive habit of keep on checking my tempe every hour... Well the process was kinda difficult and lenghty but the result was rewarding... Of course.. dah lama tak makan tempe ma!!! craving for it like a pregnant womanemoticon hahahahaha Furthermore, to get the "ragi" which is kinda like yeast but this one is specially for tempe making.. I have to order it from Belgium huhu and the price is kinda expensive.... but what the heck ..kemaruk punya pasal... duit melayang untk makanan tak apa... Oklah.. I have to go.. need to do some shopping in ASDAemoticon... bye..bye...

p/s: Thanks Zati for all the infos that I need to make tempe.. and the vinegar also..


alonq_exe said...

Tempe is also a term we use to refer to the locals here. Muahaha.

Anonymous said...

nak tempoyak strawberry x??? hehe


pokjak said...

but mi recent study state that tempe may cause Cancer prostate mi..heh2

mardotti zaaba said...

emi buat sdri? hebat nye! eh pokjak, tempe tu utk kasi pandai la..