Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Baby Oh Baby~~

:: This is not her tummy ::

Salam Readers,

Just wanna share a good news for my family... My eldest sister who just got married this year... is now being blessed by Allah... She is now 2 months pregnant~~ Yippeeee!!! Good news to the Abd Wahid Clan~~

I myself are very happy upon hearing this news from her... and you know how did I get to know it from?? No other than through Facebook... Go Social Networking~~ hahaha very useful indeed lah kan?...

So... Mrs Suhana Abd Wahid... wishing you all the best super mum~~ Take care of the baby and yourself too... InsyaAllah...this pregnancy will be the greatest joy of your life with Abang Nizam~~

p/s: I'm hoping for a nephew this time around...

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