Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Don't Call Me During The Holiday~~

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Alhamdulillah... All praise to Allah~~ After a few days of excruciating and restless days and nights.. Doing reversion, analysing the topics that we have learnt, trying to answer the so called predicted questions and staying up reading and memorizing notes~~ We Cohort 4 B.Ed TESL IPG-KBA Twinning Programme with AUS/NZ/UK have already finished with our final examination for the Degree that we sought after!!!! (panjang nyerrr LOL) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Yeaaaaahhhh!!!

For me the two exam papers were really though to handle~~ Of course lahhh I'm a person who can't really do well in exam~~ although all the preparation needed are already been done ... Very early mind you about that~~ huhuh Oklah~~ what I hope is that all will be okay and no one will be calling me during my holiday for referral~~ huhu AMIIIINNNN~~

p/s: BTW this doesn't mean that I am done for the year.. still have practical in June till October~~

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