Thursday, 5 November 2009

My Dissertation My Baby~~

Only 22 days left before we submit our dissertation~~ I still have a lot of things to write and editing is a big YES~~~ well that serve you right for doing things slowly SUHAIMI~~ hahah btw just wanna share a few motivation quotes from Michael (my supervisor for this dissertation) that really push me to do my dissertation....

"Your dissertation is like your baby.. you have to do justice to it before you hand it in... When you let it go then you should be proud of it"

"I know it hard... But there is only one way for you.. move forwards... "

and my FAVOURITE~~~~

"LESS IS MORE, QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY"

I just can't wait to finish my dissertation as I have been sleeping less than what I usually have~~ haha not dreading this precious learning experience but I just can't wait to be free (my friends NZ and Aussie a few of them are already packing their stuff to go back home.. siapa tak jeles?? cakap2)...

p/s: Nanti mesti asyik teringat proses ini~~ huhu nk smbg MASTER lepas nie camne lah nk smbng kalo 10,000 pp pon terkial2 Master 20,000 kan?? and to all my MARJON C4 friends berusaha sehingga ke titik kekunci laptop terakhir ngeh2 Semoga semua dapat wat yang terbaik~~


Alice said...

I agree 100% with Michael. Kalau dia Melayu, dah lama aku ngorat.

"Oh Michael, I admire you". :D

Paling suka yang baby2 tuh.

zatiMJ said...

nad nak ngorat michael hall? wahhh taste org berumur nmpak? :P

my zati my baby? wakakkakakaa. weh all the best!! chaiyok2! doakan aku jgk. =)

minimainimira said...

berusaha sehingga titik kekunci terakhir?
aku berusaha sampai laptop hang satu malam..
macam mana mau jawab?