Monday, 11 May 2009

:: Happy Mother's Day ::

:: Khadijah Binti Yasin - Ibu Tersayang ::

Today is the second Sunday in the month of May, meaning that today is Mother's Day. So I called my mother and wish her Happy Mother's Day. Well, my sisters back at home already made loads of plan. They went out for lunch and went sight seeing around Pontian. Which is good, because I know my mum seldom pamper herself. She been devoting herself to the family for a long time. Especially since my father passed away.

Being a single parent is never easy. But thanks to Allah SWT we, as the whole family, managed to overcome all the problems together. I am glad and thankful for the care and love that my mother have shower me with. And I know that we can't make it without my mum, who is a strong women. Without her I don't know what will happen to me. I have to say my mum is the pillar that endorse me to be who I am now.

Ok stop blabing~~~ To my BELOVED mother... Khadijah Binti Yasin...

.: Happy Mother's Day :.

p/s: Emy janji tak nakal lagi heheheheh :P

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